Launching today The GUCCI OUD: Mysterious Sensuality


Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director, has long taken inspiration from her extensive travels. Passionate about journeying to different lands and experiencing the allure of exotic cultures, she has recently dreamt of a new type of fragrance: one that is glamorous, opulent and mysterious, like a voyage of discovery into the unknown. The result is Gucci Oud, a fragrance that celebrates the deep and sensual fragrances of the Orient.

Launching in summer 2014, Gucci Oud is a unisex fragrance for those connoisseurs who have the confidence and desire to seek new experiences and search out a scent that is powerfully seductive and, as befits the spirit of Gucci, interprets ancient ingredients from the East in a modern, iconic way.


The intense richness of the fragrance is created with a natural and unique source of Oud, which has been specially selected, cultivated and purified for Gucci. This special quality Oud comes from central Laos and is grown in a managed and sustainable way, ensuring appropriate respect for a precious resource. After the distillation of the Oud wood, an additional special processing is undertaken to yield a very high purity extract that is certified as 100% natural. As is suitable for such a singular ingredient, the highest standards of quality are maintained in the production of the extract and the resultant fragrance.

When Gucci Oud is worn, the opening notes of Pear and Raspberry meet the vibrancy of Saffron before yielding to the opulent flowers of Bulgarian Rose and Orange Flower. Enhancing the deep sensuality of the Oud at the core of the fragrance are voluptuous ambery musky notes and, notably, Patchouli, a true icon of Gucci scents.

The flacon and packaging that contain this exquisite scent position Gucci Oud as part of the Gucci by Gucci family of fragrances. The House’s signature design motifs decorate both the bottle and carton, with the weighty translucent black flacon featuring a golden Gucci horsebit and a sandblasted version of the famous Gucci equestrian web stripe. The stripe recurs on the carton in glossy black on a matte black background, while inside, a shiny gold GG pattern is again contrasted with a matte background, also in gold. The black-and-gold colour scheme, the faceted glass of the flacon, and the geometric cap lend the ensemble an Oriental and Art Deco look that perfectly suits the character of the juice.

Through blending the exclusive natural oil with amber notes and saffron nuances, Gucci Oud achieves an unmistakable depth and sensuality that differentiates it from traditional fragrances. This is a glamorous, rich and exotic scent, infused with the spirit of true luxury. It works equally well for both men and women.

Frida Giannini says: “There are some things that are not defined by gender, but by mood. Gucci Oud is one of these. I wanted to create a fragrance that would evoke the sense you get when in a mysterious, captivating and unfamiliar land – when you are seduced by a curious experience, and dream of it afterwards.


Gucci Oud 75ml = 636dhs
Gucci Oud 50ml = 475dhs.



  1. Amal K

    July 1, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    I saw this in Saudi last week and bought it for my husband I love it!!!! And he loves it too. I think the launch was last week in could be wrong

    • Aysha

      June 19, 2016 at 8:37 pm


      Just came across this review. Gucci is famtastic! Gucci guilty intense being my absolute favs. But it’s very sad that the west has taken something from our culture , twisted it into something it’s not, and sold it back to us calling it oudh. Oud is such a beautiful and timeless oil, to see it so poorly represented is very sad and it’s time someone spoke up about it. I’m all for western fragrances but to me this is not even have a drop of real oud. If you want to smell real oud, spend the money and pick up a bottle of truely beautiful oud oil from the brothers at she bar oud. Not sure if I’m spelling it right, but my friend was wearing the Malaysian oil from them and it was unquestionably authentic and smelled better than anything I’ve found in the malls in KSA.

      The website is

      If anyone else has had experience with them or any other sellers please share with us.

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