The NEW MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Review – Photo & Swatches



I recently got the opportunity to go to Lake Como, Italy for the MAC Autum/Winter Trends 2014 presentation.  There we had a session on MAC’s New Minearlized Collection and even learnt the process and ingredients behind the minearlized powders.


The products used in minearlized products is tasty – we drank it!

It was truly an out of this world experience and I saw how each and every Minearlized powder is hand-made in Italy for the best quality.  Mineralized ranks #2 from MAC’s ranges in sales and I can see why.  Minearlize products from MAC are my favorite.


There I am learning the steps that go behind each of the mineralized powder products


 Before and after its pressed – it’s still wet after this step it would go for 24 hours of baking before its complete

These new Minearlize Eye Shadow x 4 quads blew me away!  Firstly, I have to talk about the packaging.  You can feel the quality in the casing, it’s lightweight but solid and has a mirror inside the compact.


The shadows themselves surprised me with how highly pigmented they are! Minearlize eye shadows generally are more shine, less color – but these are high shine and highly pigmented.



Comes in a selection of beautiful colors <3 <3 <3 – In stores now! 



 A sample of the minearlized Eye Shadow was provided by MAC PR for our consideration 

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