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10 Foods For Stronger Nails & Hair!


Do you love yourself?

Take a moment and look at your hands. The state of your nails often speaks about your health. Dull, chipped or ridged nails are a sign of poor health and deficiencies. Time to show your self some love girls.

We look at those models on magazine covers and in movies and ad films and wonder why their hair looks so darn great. Are blow drying and Photoshop the only saviors ? We think not.

Have you ever noticed how , just a week after eating clean, your skin looks so much better ? Likewise with your hair. Your hair protects your scalp from dust, dirt and the sun and in return often ends up dull, dry and lackluster.
Hair and nails are both dead tissues. What do we mean by that ? Simple. Does it hurt when you cut either your nails or hair ? That explains it.
To help you take better care of these two unsung heroes of your body, you need to eat right, along with a little topical care.
Your body’s overall health, however, is often apparent in the state of your nails and hair.

We all face those phases where no serum whatsoever is helping us get rid of hair fall, till we figure out it’s been the fault in our diets all along. Let’s get to the root of this and look at some foods that will take your hair from drab to fab.

10. Omega -3 Fatty Acids –


These guys are everywhere. There’s literally no health piece that doesn’t wa eloquent on the importance of Omega -3 s

Get them in fish, flax seeds, spinach, sardine, walnuts, salmon and tuna. Fish are a great source of this , vegetarians can add flaxseed powder to their rotis and salads instead.

9. Eggs –


High on protein , low on fat, high on energy. Eggs are great for your hair, skin and nails. Eat them in your meals or use them as masks on your hair; they work well both ways.

8 . Vitamin E –


Vitamin E is great to promote smooth, shiny hair and smooth nails. You could eat Vitamin E pills (evion ) in doses of one for every fifteen days or just cut one open and apply it liberally over your hair or nails, leave for a bit and wash off.

7. Zinc –


Zinc regulates the body’s ability to regulate proteins and improves immunity. Zinc is found in Soybeans, Cashews and beef. Zinc also helps in reducing under-eye bags

6. All Leafy Vegetables –


We mentioned Spinach earlier, but did you know that all greens and leafy vegetables are great for your hair and nails? Being rich sources of protein and fibre, they also help reduce bloating and are major detox agents for the body.

5. Almonds –


You knew almond oil was great for hair and nails, but almonds themselves are even better. Just soak about two almonds overnight in a glass of water and drink the liquid and eat the nuts up the next morning.

4. Milk –


Calcium. calcium and more calcium. Ain’t nobody got great nails without this baby.

Drink lots of toned milk, eat yoghurt or indulge in buttermilk and low fat cheese. More reason to eat dairy because it helps keep your nails super strong. Now can grow your nails longer without fear of them chipping on you.

3. Brightly Colored Fruits & Vegetables –


Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of iron, selenium and zinc – all of which work in conjunction to promote great skin and nails. Carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes should be a part of your everyday diet.

2. Vitamins B12 –


Vitamins are essential vital nutrients for the body to function effectively. Vitamin B12 keeps your skin, nails and hair healthy.. IF your nails are brittle and often get chipped, a lack of Vitamin B12 might be the culprit.
Eat lots of eggs and cheese to naturally balance your body’s B12 requirements.

1. Water –


Of course ladies! Water is the oft overlooked yet hugely important ingredient for great nails and hair. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day to allow maximum growth and strength.

Author – Rachel Vera

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