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18 Photography Tips Every Arab Bride Must Know


 Wedding Event


  1. Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of your wedding.  Some well known ballrooms in Saudi Arabia have a lack of lighting.
  2. During the Zaffa there should be at least two lights there and they are not provided by the photographer.  This is particularly important at weddings taking place at private residences.
  3. In the beginning of the Zaffa do not walk behind or in-front of the bride and groom.  It disturbs the video-grapher and sometimes even the photographers.
  4. Note to guests:  If you would not like your picture taken and ending up in the bride’s wedding album because you are a hijabi then please be seated during the Zaffa and wear your abaya. Also if you do not want to have your images in the video or pictures do not linger near the bride during her special moments.
  5. Make sure your dress fits you well and you have practiced walking in your heels.  It’s important to be comfortable walking in your dress because it can easily get under your feet and having the ballroom assistants helping you while you walk ruins the image.
  6. It’s strongly recommended to buy comfy shoe soles for your heels.  It’s also recommended to have two pairs of shoes at your wedding – a comfortable pair for the long photo shoot and a special one for the Zaffa – unless your groom is the same height as you :).
  7. Do not blame the photographers or the video-grapher for not stopping the recording during the wedding as it is based on the request of the bride.
  8. Please ask your assistants to not be at your side.  Co-ordinate in advance times when you would need their help and would like them with you, or ask them to stay near by instead of at your side.


Photo Shoot


  1. Be punctual for outdoor photo shoots – we can’t ask the sun to wait! For indoor shoots agree a time with your photographer for the photo shoot and it’s just as important to be punctual to avoid delays.
  2. Do not keep talking to family and friends during the photo shoot each time one passes.  It disturbs the photographers mood and concentration and it can kill the moment as well.  It takes time for the photographer to create a mood which gives natural poses – natural poses are the best after all.
  3. Have your bouquet fresh and ready by the time you agree to have the photo shoot.  It may be a good idea to have two bouquets –  one for the photo shoot and a fresh one for the event.
  4. Make sure to have all the things you would like have in the photo shoot ready in one place to have a smooth photo shoot.
  5. Hiring a professional make-up artist is vital to ensure you have a beautiful, camera friendly look.  It’s a plus if you have tried her before the wedding at a previous occasion.  Professional makeup artists understand lighting and photography.


Speak Up! 

  1. It is always a huge plus if the bride informs the photographer of what she likes and doesn’t like.
  2. When submitting photos to be edited by your photographer please mention precise comments you have in mind for your images.
  3. Photo shoots can get long.  If you have medical conditions and cannot handle long photo shoots please inform your photographer that way she can adjust break times in-between to rest.




Last words of Advice

  1. Always hire a professional photographer so that she can deal with situations that pop up in the day – it’s an important occasion where you can’t take risks.
  2. Most importantly,  Enjoy your wedding and forget that photographer is there so she can capture your lovely spontaneous moments



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