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3ina – The New Cosmetic Brand Taking The World By Storm


I had the great honor and privilege to be invited along to the Global Launch of a new cosmetic brand a few days ago. Ladies, the launch of 3ina is upon us! (Pronounced Mina) With their first boutique store open in the scenic and popular Covent Garden, this place is a must on your visit to London!


Founded by two lovely gentlemen, the product ranges are not ones to be missed. I kid you not, the vibe upon entering the store was that I’d imagined my girlfriends and I would walk into separate and get stuck into the colourful world of makeup, and reconvene with our purchases and expressions of love for the store.

You walk into a colourful array of colors. Colors everywhere- from your lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail varnishes and not to mention their 18 shades of foundation. They cater to every girl and their inspiration? You! Yes, you. Every woman out there and her individual beauty.


Promising to come out with a new product every three weeks, this brand is on a roll and promises to provide us with everything, no waiting on seasonal products etc. I love that! Who doesn’t love that?

The products are inspired by everyday trends and they recently kicked off with their first marketing campaign ‘Let’s Paint’. Inspired by colors, it gives ladies the confidence to be more playful with color. Too right. Even the packaging matches the exact shade you are purchasing to make it easier to upon buying but totally a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Another cool fact? These products are 100% regulated by European laws and are made in Spain and Germany respectively. Did I forget to mention something? Yes, the best part is the affordability! Where standard lipsticks from competitors come in at a minimum of £15, they’re priced at a fantastic £7.50! Good, honest pricing where the mark up is not ridiculously high. Does that give you a better idea to who these major players are?!


Once I get more information, I will be updating you all but for now if you’re in London town why not pop in or even follow them on Instagram on @3ina. Happy Shopping !



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