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5 Cool Fashion Blogs in Dubai


Nowadays Fashion has become a multi-billion-dollar industry that has significant impact on the way ordinary people perceive fashion and dress and present themselves. But there is more to fashion than the different types of clothing styles; fashion is categorized by designers, buyers, retailers, editors, and columnists. While all the parties involved in fashion industry work together to create an image, all of these parties can simultaneously be affected by outside forces, most important force being blogs.

Fashion is trend-driven and fashion blogs offer a new way to follow and watch over these fast-paced trends, it is likely that the blogs will have a considerable long-term influence on the industry, as the number of fashion based blogs continues to grow.

With the massive increase in the number of blogs online, there is high pressure on bloggers to be consistent in their innovations and creativity. Some people have stood out among many bloggers, in their skills to attract large number of readers.

This article would feature 5 of the coolest blogs in Dubai that are a must-read for everyone – in no particular order


  1. The Fierce Diaries

The Fierce Diaries is a blog run by a young Arab Nadya Hasan, a 24 years old girl, who is known by people to be the one who thinks, breathes and lives fashion.

Her dream is to fuse a fashionable statement and unique style into the Arab world of fashion. She has worked hard to fulfill her dream and is now running an internationally known blog. Nadya is well acknowledged for her ability to pick new and upcoming designers, which has proved to be a great success in the UAE fashion world.


  1. My Fashion Diary

My fashion diary is a style diary that is run by Tala Samman.

Tala Samman was born in Chicago, originally Syrian, and was brought up in Dubai. She is a fashion graduate of London College of Fashion. Her first blog came out in 2009. Her style blog, Myfashdiary.com was nominated in Ahlan Magazine’s Best at the Dubai awards. It was also nominated at the Marie Claire, UK Blog, and Twitter awards. Tala was also recognized as one of Dubai’s Hot 100 in 2011.Myfashdiary.com features what Tala loves in Fashion, Beauty, Travel & Food.


  1. Pintsized fashionista

PintsizedFashionista.com is a fashion based blog run by first teenage fashion bloggers, 16-year old Dubai/London based twins, Lailli and Alizey Mirza .It is basically The personal style diary of the Middle East’s twins Lailli and Alizey mirza. The twins were born and raised in London, UK but have spent most of their childhood time in Dubai, UAE.

This personal style blog was created on January 1st, 2011. The name was derived from a term used to describe the twins, who were sitting in front row at a Top shop fashion show, in Harpers Bazaar Arabia.


  1. Lyla loves Fashion

Zahra Lyla Pedram was Born and raised in Dubai. Zahra Lyla was never a typical girly-girl growing up,in fact she was a typical tomboy and fashion never appealed her. She never had a fashion epiphany until she reached her sophomore year at university.

Zahra is a graphic designer. In 2009 she desired to express her new love for fashion, beauty and style hence “lyla loves fashion” was born in that year. “Lyla loves fashion” is a journal that chronicles Zahra’s experiences in the fashion industry in the Middle East and UK.


  1. Style by Kieren

Style by kieren was founded by Kieren Kanda. He is a fashion blogger and stylist by profession. In his blog he shares his experiences of adventure in style and fashion


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