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5 Outfits You Need To Own This Summer!


Summer is just around the corner, and I’m guessing you’re already planning your next exotic trip! Good for you,  but what’s a great trip without  some great outfits!

Read on, to see what you need to own to totally own this summer 🙂

Here’s what you will need this summer –
1. A bold and colorful skirt, preferably a mid-length one – This summer you should definitely ditch anything without color. Why? who wants to look dull when the sun is shining on you? A skirt with color/prints can be worn in different settings/occasions. So whether you’re planning on walking along the La Croisette, Cannes or the Shanzelize, Paris or Rodeo drive, Beverly hills.  you can dress it up with high heels and bold accessories or dress it down with simple flats and  a plain top.
2. Less is more especially when it comes to accessorizing – This summer, stick to long/slim necklaces. Complete your look whether day or night with a simple capturing necklaces around your neck. I personally prefer longer ones just because choker necklaces are too bulky and lets face it, its so 2014.
Here are a few of my favorites –
3. Florals are forever – A floral jumpsuit or romper is an absolute  must for your summer wardrobe. Imagine this : a sun kissed tan, silky wavy hair and the beach just beside you and you dressed in a colorful, striking floral jumpsuit or romper!  How good does that sound ? You’ll look effortlessly chic! 🙂
4. A white bag – Whether it’s a clutch, shoulder bag, backpack or a tote, keep it white! Here are a few of the right white bags you’ll need to own this summer!
5 . Mid-length denim shorts – preferably a boyfriend cut, preferably ripped –  How does that sound? match it with a simple tank top,  some killer shades and your look is complete! So whether you’re planning on hitting the beach or walking around town – with its modest length, this look won’t let you down. Here are a few of my favorite denim shorts:

                                                                          What are your summer staples ?

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