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5 Places To Shop In Jeddah!


Shopping is one of the most popular activities to do in Jeddah. There is wide range of high-end to outlet shopping available, you just need to know where to go!  Balad is a popular shopping destination when looking for deals and discounts.  Balad has everything.  You can find good watches, electronics, prayer mats, textiles and more all for much cheaper than you would find in the main malls.  Souk Sharq and Souk Shatea are also popular when looking for affordable abayas, textiles and outlet shopping.  Jeddah has a wide range of malls with majority of the international brands with a mix of popular local brands.  Here is a list of some of the most popular shopping malls in Jeddah.



1. Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is found on the eastern side of the Medina Road and south of Makkah Road, near the King Abdulaziz International Airport. It has an area of 261,000 square meters.  Mall of Arabia is one of the main and largest malls in Jeddah. The Mall has a variety of restaurants along with a buzzing food court that offers a wide selection of cuisine.  There is a special entertainment area for children which has lots of rides available for kids of all ages.  Mall of Arabia is a easy mall to shop in.  It’s not confusing or overwhelming as it has a very good layout and most importantly has all the main brands you would want. You won’t find the luxury brands here, but everything from Zara to H&M is here.


2. Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is listed among one of the biggest shopping centers in Jeddah, it is situated at the northern suburbs on Malik Road. The mall has an area of 242,200 square meters. It contains a five star hotel and a seven story office building with both external and undercover parking areas. All the parking areas are connected to the 18 entrances of the mall, this facility make it easy to access the mall.

Red Sea Mall has a mix of international and local brands.  They have high-end luxury brands like Burberry, Mosachino and Givenchy along with mid-range brands such as Top Shop.  The play-land for kids is excellent with lots of rides catering to children of all ages.   It also has good variety of restaurants, cafes, and diners.  What’s nice about Red Sea Mall is on weekends they always have something going on for the family.


3. Tahlia Shopping Center

Tahlia Shopping Center is situated on the most well-known street in Jeddah, Tahlia. It’s a 3 level smaller mall, but has many of the stores you may be looking for.  Tahlia Center is the perfect mall to shop for beauty.  Paris Gallery, Sephora, The Body Shop, Victoria Secret, Mikayjy, MAC, Makeup Forever and Boots Beauty are literally a few minute walk from each other if not less.  They also have some designer abaya shops, jewellery stores and lots of shops to buy watches like Rolex.  They also have a full range of fast-food restaurants in its food court.


4. El-Khayyat Center

El-Khayyat Center is situated on Jeddah’s golden street, Tahlia. It is where you want to go when looking for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Dior…they have all the major luxury brands!   This is the only mall at the moment (a few new ones are in the process of being built) that have these brands.  Along with the luxury brands, it also has 2 salons inside the center.  The ground floor is specified for shops, and the upper floor have offices.


5. Stars Avenue

Stars Avenue is located on King Abdul Aziz Road. Stars Avenue is a unique mall as it has luxury brands, high-street brands and lots of local brands.  The mall also has some really great restaurants to eat in.  The mall has many stores like Jimmy Choo, Lush and Mama’s and Papa’s which you won’t find anywhere else in Jeddah.  The top floor of the mall has many designer abaya boutiques.  The nice mix of unique shopping makes Stars Avenue one of the most popular shopping destinations in Jeddah.

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