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5 Reasons You Should Pack Lunch from Home!

It gets difficult to plan ahead and very often, you’ll find yourself in the line up to get something from the Tea & Leaf at school. However healthy you argue it is, it cannot replace home food.

1. When you pack before hand, you can decide what you want to eat, versus what’s available at school. Say you want to eat healthy, you either eat something bland, or a salad that’s way overpriced.
2. Talking about overpriced, eating from home saves a LOT of money. If you’re one who does their accounting themselves, you’ll be able to notice a BIG difference.
3. Packing food that’s been cooked at home, or at least put together at home will be a lot more energizing than food that’s heavily processed and mixed from a third person.
4. You’ll also have way more variety at home as opposed to what’s available. You don’t want to pay 25SR for food you might not even finish? You won’t have to, and if you want more… well, your kitchen is the world!
5. Lastly, you’ll be able to tune yourself for a better, healthier lifestyle. Eating better food will energize you and keep you better prepared for work and school!

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