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5 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings!


It so often happens that you wake up determined to make it a good day for your diet and you do so well till midnight strikes and the sugar beast comes after you. “Just a bite, you tell yourself, I’ve been so good!” Not anymore, have you?


  1. Don’t buy it Don’t stock it. If it’s there, you’re bound to eat it up, eventually if not now. Your sugar quest begins the second you pick it up off a rack and put it down in your trolley… you’re on your own from there!
  2. Just a bite, please Cut back on your portions. Fine, it’s there, it’s delicious, it’s tempting and you can’t go on without it… but a bite should suffice! Be firm and your body will thank you.
  3. The Backup Every time you find yourself craving a sugary sweet bite, opt for something healthier like a fruit you love. Often times you’re going through a lack of proteins when you’re craving something sweet.
  4. Drink up Walk around with a bottle wherever you go and drink it. A lot of times you just want something in your tummy, even if you’re not really hungry.
  5. Question it Talk to yourself and ask yourself: are you really hungry, or are you just bored? That’ll make your life a lot easier, because if you’re bored, you can snack on something and do something entertaining instead of piling up on your sugar. On the other hand if you’re hungry, you can cook up something healthy!


Another good idea to follow when you want something sweet is honey. It’s also something the Prophet (saw) advised. At the end of the day, moderation is key. Don’t deprive yourself of every ounce of sugar, but don’t go crazy about it, either.



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