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6 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For


Do you often find yourself using the word ‘Sorry’, mostly when you have no idea what you are apologizing for?

Numerous researches suggest that women are the more apologetic sex.

You bumped into me, oh I am so sorry! You stepped on me, ouch I am sorry! are the ironic situations women find themselves apologizing in.

Time to put a stop to this sorry spree and be more rational and level headed individuals if we want the world to respect us. Here are 6 things women should absolutely stop apologising for:


1.     Being Independent:

Emotional independence, financial independence or just an independent attitude….be proud of it by all means! Know that you are a strong person who can take care of her own needs and doesn’t need a tissue or a helping hand every 5 minutes. That’s something to be proud of not sorry!

6 things women should stop apologizing for 1



2.     Putting our Careers first:

If you are an ambitious person and give your career first priority then so be it. Focus on your goals and achieve your dreams but never feel sorry for your aggressive goals of high targets. Men are never sorry for it, why should we be?

6 things women should stop apologizing for 2


3.     Applying Make-up:

If you feel applying 3 layers of base, moisturiser and foundation before stepping out of the house everyday gives you a confidence boost, just go for it. Go all out on the mascara’s, the crazy nail colours and the chic lip shades, just do what makes you feel good about yourself.

6 things women should stop apologizing for 3


 4.     For saying NO:

For saying NO ,when we want to say no. How often do we accept things, offers not because we want to but just because we just don’t want to disappoint others or spoil their mood. But, the fact is that by being the Yes girl all the time, we make ourselves unhappy and add unnecessary stress and pressure in our lives. Learn to say the two alphabets NO and never feel sorry for it.

6 things women should stop apologizing for 4



5.     Loving yourself:

Every person has the right to feel that they are the most important person in their lives and so do you. Do whatever it takes to make yourself smile, treat yourself to good food, drinks and shopping. Travel the world. Treat yourself special….you have every right to!

6 things women should stop apologizing for 5


6.     Not being up to it all the time:

There are the good days and then there are the absolutely bad ones, the menstrual cycle days and the general bad hair days. It is absolutely normal and natural to feel down and low during this time and the people around should understand.

Leaning Down



Written by: Swati Chauhan

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