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7 Day Butt Challenge


Need to get your Butt in gear? Here is a 7 Day Kicker that will get you in shape and push your limits!!

Perform 150 Reps of this King of Workouts for your legs.

Day 1: Squats


Keep feet shoulder width apart and go down until you are parallel to the ground (to engage quads) or lower to engage your REAR! Hint: Go Lower.

Day 2: Stairs


Your legs might be a tad tight today, but that’s okay! Do 5 minutes of Stairs and get your heart rate up!

Day 3: Bulgarian Squats


50 Reps on each side: Place your feet as far off as you can and go as low as you can. Extra Bonus, add weights and feel the burn!!

Day 4: Jump Squats


Only 1 minute for time and speed. Try to get in as many as you can and then you’re done for the day!

Day 5: Hip Thrusts


Add some weight and make those glutes burn! Aim to do 50 Reps and Record the time that it took you!

Day 6: Walking Lunges


These will really get your legs pumping! Do a set of 50 Reps per leg! Bonus: Add weight and feel the fat burn off and the glutes get firm.

Day 7: Stiff Leg Deadlifts


Grab a weight, and with feet hip width apart, keep your back flat and engage those glutes by going as low as you can for only 30 Reps.

Author – Gule Sheikh


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