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8 out of 10 Readers Recommend Head & Shoulders!


Eight out of 10 Zahrat Al Khaleej readers recommend Head & Shoulders after blind mystery product test 

Dubai, UAE, 11 February 2014:The secret’s out – Head & Shoulders is the mystery shampoo that eight out of 10 Zahrat Al Khaleej readers would recommend to their friends! In a blind test conducted amongst women in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Heads & Shoulders was proved to be not only a leader in terms of scalp health and as an anti-dandruff treatment, but in terms of giving you great looking hair, too.


Whether you want hair that’s full and bouncy, soft and shiny, or boosted with a good dose of healthy moisture, Head & Shoulders’ hair care range has something to suit your needs.

 Head & Shoulders 1

Head & Shoulders decided to carry out the ultimate test of its beauty benefits withprofessional beauty experts:  AlReem Seif from anazahra.com, Ghania Azzam, the beauty editor of Zahrat Al Khaleej and Zahrat Al Khaleej’s readers.


“Together with AlReem Seif, the beauty editor of anazahra.com, I was the first on board to test this mystery product that promised to give beautiful, healthy hair with more body. When we were asked to take part in a blind test for a mystery hair product, we were naturally curious and we prepared ourselves to indulge in the ultimate beauty experience,” said Ghania Azzam, Beauty Editor – Zahrat Al Khaleej.


To make the test as objective as possible, 300 unbranded boxes of mystery shampoo were sent to Zahrat Al Khaleej readers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who were asked to test the product for 2 weeks, without knowing that it was Head & shoulders Lively and Silky shampoo.


They then submitted their feedback to a research company with incredible results – 8 out of 10 readers would recommend the mystery product to their friends! The blind testers claimed that the benefits of the mystery shampoo were ‘strong, smooth and beautiful hair’, ‘a nice scent’, ‘great moisturisation’, ‘smooth hair even without conditioner’, ‘vitality and shine’, and ‘moisturized and nourished’ – firmly cementing Head & Shoulders’ position as a beauty shampoo!


Head & Shoulders Lively and Silky hydrates your scalp and hair to make it soft and manageable, leaving hair looking great and smelling fresh. It restores a silky smooth look to dry, frizzy hair, and comes highly recommended by Zahrat Al Khaleej’s readers!

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