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Always Cottony Touch


Over 70% of Saudi women complain about intimate skin irritations –

Always Cottony Touch offers the only feminine hygiene pad with soothing lotion, which protects skin against irritations.[1]

Recommended by the Saudi Obstetrics and Gynecological Societyalways cotton pack - Copy


Dubai, UAE, March 2014: Always, the leading feminine care brand, is proud to announce the launch of Always Cottony Touch, the only feminine hygiene pad with soothing lotion, which protects intimate skin against irritations.

According to a recent study conducted online in January 2014 targeting female residents in KSA, more than 70% of women suffer from intimate skin irritations which make them feel uncomfortable during their menstruation cycle. 60% of those women describe their skin as sensitive with a tendency to irritations. According to the research, intimate skin irritation is the most challenging part of their menstruation cycle. In addition, a staggering 75% believe that adequate hygiene protection would enhance their comfort levels.

In line with this premise, Always – a leading brand of feminine hygiene products – has created a range of Always Cottony Touch pads; these innovative pads are designed with a built-in special soothing lotion that helps to prevent and ease irritated intimate skin and moisturizes it to ensure that it remains soft and smooth even when prone to dampness during that time of the month.

 Dr. Shazia  Ali

“Our skin is our largest organ and so, it deserves our greatest care and attention,” said acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Shazia Ali. “The skin in our intimate area is no different. When it is dry or feels unhealthy, it can no longer protect its nerve endings, which is when all the trouble – such as itching and soreness – begins.Now, there is a solution to all these issues: Always Cottony Touch pads. The ground-breaking product is effective in establishing a thin, protective layer on the skin – making it an excellent choice for Arab women.”

 Always Leaflet without pack

Always Cottony Touch, the only sanitary pad with soothing lotion to help prevent intimate skin irritation, is one of diverse Always products that received the highly prestigious recommendation from the Saudi Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (SOGS), which recommended Always products for the past seven years.


Always understands that each woman is different and has specific requirements. That is precisely why Always Cottony Touch pads have been designed in three different sizes, each catering to a particular need: Always Cottony Normal, Always Cottony Long and Always Cottony Night. The longer the pad is, the higher the absorbency level. The new Always Cottony Touch Night is a pad designed for night usage; it is 75% larger in the back to give women more coverage where they need it the most when sleeping.

Always Cottony Touch is available at leading supermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at an RRP of 14 SR and in the UAE at an RRP of the12 AED.


[1]In the Middle East

[1]Research study conducted by VIVAKI MENA through an independent online consumer panel in KSA

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