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Anti-Aging Chill Drill – Frotox


Erase Wrinkles With A Touch Of Cold 


Baby boomers and youth zealots world over are constantly inspiring innovative antiaging breakthroughs in the ever lucrative aesthetic world – aim is always – to uncover the ultimate youth decoder which can halt the carnage of ageing in its tracks. One such latest chilling beauty treatment that has hit the aesthetic circles is ‘Iovera’. Iovera, or ‘Frotox’ as it has been nicknamed is a revolutionary new device that lays claims to be a toxin free wrinkle treatment designed to deliver immediate results with no toxin involved, and is being hailed as the next generation of Botox


The Science Behind Coldtox

Frotox works on the principles of cryo-neuromodulation, using the body’s natural response to cold to relax muscles in the forehead and between the eyebrows. Developed by a California-based medical technology group called Myoscience, this device temporarily freezes horizontal and vertical forehead lines and wrinkles by administering cold ‘shots’ into each temple.


Treatment In A Nutshell The handheld device is loaded with liquid nitrogen cartridge before use, and at the touch of a button, the circulation of nitrogen gas within the device creates a precise-cold-zone at the smart-needle tip (made of closed-end needles, so nothing comes out of it). TENS, a trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine is used to pinpoint the target nerves before precision-chill can be delivered to numb these nerves. After the nerves are pinpointed a local anesthetic (lidocaine) is injection to numb the area and the treatment probe is injected at each marked site (average about 4 on each temple) to zap the nerves.

chill drill 2

Nerves treated with this technology become inactive for a period of two to three months, followed by complete restoration of function. The results for this treatment are immediate opposed to botox, which take 3-14 days to show. After treatment when patient tries to raise eyebrows, the forehead does not move as much as it used to, instead very slight movements are left behind.


The effects of the treatment wear off over 3-4 months, as nerves auto repair themselve. Treatment has to be repeated (just like botox) every 3-4 months.


Risks and side effects

As with all medical treatments, Iovera has undergone multiple clinical trials for years before becoming commercially available. The device is FDA cleared in US for treatment of headaches, and in Europe it is being used off-label as an antiaging anti-wrinkle treatment. So far, there has been no report of long-term side effects or any dangers from having the treatment. As no toxins are used, this treatment is predicted to be extremely safe. Usual side effects associated with the treatment are mostly short-lived, just like any other aesthetics procedure involving needles, and include bleeding, bruising and swelling.


Bonus Info – Some Common Misconceptions About Frotox


  • Nitrogen is injected into the client.
  • It gives the ‘Frozen Look’.
  • Nerves are not selected and cold shots are delivered at random sites with the hope that they hit the right nerves.
  • Results are unpredictable and cannot be graded.
  • It helps plump the skin.
  • It can be used everywhere on the face.
  • It is a needle-free procedure.
  • Static wrinkles (lines that are present when the face is relaxed) will disappear after the treatment.
  • Treatment sites are directly on the target muscles.


My Take On The Chilling New Technology: Frotox is a cool new choice for people who don’t want to inject toxin in their faces. It is aimed to help people who want to reduce dynamic forehead wrinkles without the use of toxins, or those who cannot have Botox due to other medical reasons.


Frotox is being tooted as the newest cool gizmo on the aesthetic block, which is great (it’s always nice to have choices and alternatives). But the reality of the situation is quiet transparent Botox is still the reigning king of the antiaging arena, being more versatile it can be injected into multiple sites of the face and body, while Frotox offers limited treatment area options. Besides we have years of data and studies to prove the effects and side effects of Botox and doctors are always cautious and skeptical using anything new with no track records. So, relax this chilling treatment won’t be replacing botox anytime soon. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for the next break through – Gabby Williams genes perhaps.


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