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Balqees Fathi Becomes Pantene Ambassador


With the support of leading hair care brand Pantene, Balqees Fathi will be helping women from across the region face today’s problems with today’s solutions.


On 29 November, renowned singer Balqees Fathi made a major announcement that is sure to send ripple effects across the region and the beauty industry: the talented artist is the new face of Pantene’s superior product innovations, designed to meet today’s hair care problems with today’s solutions. As part of her big reveal, Balqees also unveiled that, with the support of Pantene, she will be embarking on a 2016 Tour to Empower Arab Women. The unprecedented initiative will see her work hand-in-hand with Pantene to raise funds for women’s empowerment and shed light on the obstacles that they face today.


Since its founding, Pantene has, on a global scale, remained unwaveringly committed to joining forces with celebrity role models to positively improve the lives of female youth and ignite real societal change. The brand’s new partnership with Balqees is part and parcel of its mission to collaborate with an iconic woman of substance – someone who can truly move the needle of influence, encourage young Arab women shine strong, and, more importantly, prompt them to tap into their own greatness. How? By facing today’s problems with today’s solutions, a valuable lesson that forms the crux of Balqees’ guiding ethos – as well as Pantene’s.


“From being the girl who followed the crowd to being the young woman who found her way to her passion, I know first-hand that, for Arab women in particular, the road to success is often punctuated by trials and tribulations,” said Balqees. “However, in spite of all obstacles, my determination never faltered: it took both inner courage and empowerment from my loved ones to continue to shine strong. With their support and wisdom, I learnt a lot about navigating today’s problems with today’s solutions. As a role model for young Arab women, my dream is to empower them to adopt this very approach – so they can bring out the best in themselves and reach their full potential.”


Balqees added, “My collaboration with Pantene is rooted in our shared belief that women’s journey to empowerment starts from the heart of the matter: when a woman is strong on the inside, a more beautiful version of herself shines through. In line with this, I am truly honored to be working with a brand that not only caters to my hair care needs using today’s solutions but also abides by the very principles that I live by.”


Pantene’s Global Franchise Communication Leader, Marwa El Shahawy, echoed that statement, saying: “Over the years, Pantene hasn’t just delivered ground-breaking formulas that meet the evolving hair care needs of modern 21st century Arab women – the brand has also repeatedly taken strong stances when it comes to societal issues that deeply affect us. As part of its quest for Arab women’s empowerment, the brand continues to stand strong behind the notion that today’s problems need today’s solutions. Based on this, we chose to partner with Balqees – a voice for the youth, a diva with a big heart, and a ‘power woman’ that overcomes obstacles via modern-day solutions. There is no one better suited to serve as the new face of Pantene’s cutting-edge products, which combine the latest innovations in hair care to address women’s current-day demands.”


As Balqees embarks on her regional 2016 Tour to Empower Arab Women, Pantene will be embracing her efforts to enhance the lives of young Arab women. Together, they will be cultivating Arab women’s confidence, building their inner strength, and bringing their empowerment issues to the forefront.


The tour will see Balqees partner with local NGOs, host auction fundraisers, help develop unprivileged women’s skills, and hold fundraising concerts.

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