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Battle of the Brushes: Clarisonic, Braun Face and Clinique Sonic


It’s true, cleansing your skin with a cleansing facial brush is life-changing, at least for me.  My skin just doesn’t feel clean anymore unless I use a cleansing brush and it removes 6x more dirt than cleaning with your fingers along.  Your skin will appear brighter, healthier and you will feel better with the investment of one of these devices. They even help with acne-prone skin, but make sure you see a dermatologist before trying one, just in case.

Not only do cleansing brushes deep clean your face but, they also exfoliate and help remove dead skin! With the launch of the Clarisonic brush almost 10 years ago, a variety of new devices have hit the market.

Here is a comparison of 3 of the top cleansing brushes that I have tested.

Clarisonic Mia – 1000sr


The Clarisonic Mia was my first cleansing brush, and it changed my life.  Cleansing brushes are far better to cleanse your face with, than your fingers and within a week of use I saw a noticeable difference in how my skin looks and feels. Clarisonic is a cult favorite and being the first brand to offer this device,  makes it a staple.

The Mia brush head is a good size and it covers large areas of the face at once making cleaning quick.  It comes with the sensitive brush head, but you can change the head according to your skin type, as they have lots of different options.  You should replace the head anyways once every 3 months depending on the usage.

I like how the Mia brush is timed, so I know when to finish using the brush. It’s the perfect customized cleanse.  You can clean the face for the set of seconds the brush rotates and if you would like to clean more just turn the device on again. The Mia does a great cleansing job and is easy to use.


 Clarisonic is expensive it ranges around 1000sr give or take at Sephora Saudi Arabia.


– Timed Cleansing

– Large Brush head

– Variety of different brush heads available

– Chargeable


– Price

– 1 Speed (Mia is the base model, you can get the Mia 2 or Aria which have more speeds but are also more expensive)

Braun Face – 400sr


Braun Face is the world’s first cleansing brush and facial epilator! When I posted about it on Instagram, I got tons of comments and messages about the product which made me feel that there really is a demand for something like this.  It really is an incredible innovation.  It’s not really fair to compare the Mia with the Braun Face because they have different functions but Braun Face is fantastic.

I never really thought of face epilating but Braun has made it so easy to do, I actually love the results. It’s very easy, quick and better then threading and waxing in my opinion.  It’s not painless, but at the same time not painful.  You get used to the tiny pulls and after sometime don’t even realize it’s happening.  You can remove hair all over your face besides under the brow, and the best part is you can use it dry or wet (in the shower!) and it removes even the teeny tiny baby hair giving the face a smooth hairless finish.

Remove the small epilator head attachment and pop on the cleansing brush head to change to cleaning mode.  Its really easy and the results are great.  The device is battery operated so there’s no need to charge which I prefer as compared to charging.  It comes with a good quality pouch, cleaning brush to help remove hair from the epilating head and a magnified light-up mirror.


The head of the Braun Face cleansing brush is smaller then the Mia, but you can get more precise with it and because its not timed you can just take your time on the areas that need more concentration and quickly on areas that don’t need that much attention.  But make sure not to over-do!


You can purchase a brush set of 4 that has different heads to apply product, exfoliate and clean your skin for different skin types.


– Cleansing Brush & Epilator in 1

– Easy to use

– Battery Operated

– Compact (easy to travel with)

– Variety of cleansing brush heads

– Waterproof (can use in shower)

– Good Price


– No timer

– Brush head is a bit small

– 1 Speed


Clinique Sonic – 480sr


Clinique is a skincare brand that has history and is a brand that you know cares about skin.  They recently launched the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush.  The brush off the bat is different to the others it has a pointed tip to help get into corners of the face. The upper green bristles are designed to use on areas that need more cleansing like the T-Zone and the white bottom bristles are softer, designed to use on cheeks on more delicate skin.

The brush on this is SO soft, I just love the way it feels.  The head is also a good size to help make cleaning quick.  There are two speed settings but no timer.



– Pointed Head Brush

– Duo bristles in 1 for different areas of the face

– 2 Speed Settings

– Chargeable

– Larger Brush Head Size

– Price

– Waterproof (can use in shower)


– One brush head

– No timer

Final Verdict

For me, my favorite from the three is the Braun Face, because of the compact design, different head choices and because it also has the epliator included. It’s an all-in-one device for me! It’s half the price of the Clarisonic but has a lot more features.

Though I feel that all the brushes are excellent, each device has specific benefits for different people depending on your needs and budget.  The cleansing and skin results from all three are excellent.  If you don’t want a face epilator then I would recommend the Clinique Sonic Care System, the brush is the softest of the three and I love the pointed head design.  The price is very competitive and many people complain that they feel cleansing brushes are too harsh to use everyday (though I disagree, I think once a day is good) the Clinique Sonic System is gentle.

The prices mentioned in the post are rough pricing, the prices may vary depending on where you pick it up from. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. 


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