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Beauty Basics : How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Using Makeup


Much has been written and said about the quintessential ingenue and her big, beautiful eyes . Big eyes don’t just improve your overall appearance, many surveys show that women wished most for bigger eyes as part of a physical attributes wish list. Now, maybe nature didn’t favor some of us with regard to our peepers but that’s exactly where the power of makeup comes in !

Makeup is all about having fun and experimenting with different looks – some natural, some dramatic and some exaggerated. In this post, read on to figure out some real easy tips to fake bigger eyes, using some clever and artsy makeup techniques.

Understand your eye shape :


Some of us have almond shaped eyes, some of us have slightly droopy eyes and some of us have slanting eyes. The key to working on your features and emphasizing them is to firstly understand their natural shape and contour and work with that.

Brows play a huge role :


Brows are so important when it comes to adding definition to your face. In fact, well groomed and filled brows are half the job done to opening up your eyes and giving your face a lift ! Additionally, thicker brows also help camouflage a nose that is too big or bulbous.

So let’s get started :

– Prepare your canvas : Start off with a few spritzes of face mist to shrink your pores and even out your skin’s surface. Use a concealer all over your dark spots, especially in the area near your tear ducts, which is usually the darkest area on your face.

– Use a beauty blender to even out the product and create an even complexion. Use a primer underneath your concealer if you have oily lids.


– Use a fine tipped eye liner brush to very carefully tight-line your upper lid. To tight-line means to draw a very thin line very close to your lashes to give definition to the shape of your eyes, rather than to create a dramatic line. Create a very subtle upward stroke at the end of the lid to give the illusion of a more full look.

– Using a flesh toned or beige/ nude pencil, finely outline your water line (your lower lash line ) with the pencil from the tear duct till the end of your lash line.


– Use a clear mascara to fan out your lashes . You can opt for two coats for better effect. Clear mascara works better for a day look, you can swap it for a more dramatic color for the evening.

– Define your crease : Use a earth / mocha / brown toned eye shadow in the crease of your eye lid to create depth and a shadow in your eyelid. Blend well using a blending brush (216 for MAC) to create a natural transition.



– Fill in your brows using an angled brush, making sure to create a gentle arch along its length.

– Using a light beige powder highlighter (no shimmer or glitter, it needs to be matte) , highlight the brow bone, this is the area right below where your brow arches. Use a little of the same highlighting powder in the outer corner of your tear duct.

Use a fan brush to wipe off any excess product. Use banana powder (by Ben Nye, or any other beige, yellow or sand color depending on your skin tone) in the under eye area to brighten up this area and create a high-definition bright-eyed effect !


Some products you can use for this look are :

Ben Nye banana powder, ABH dip brow, Makeup Geek eye shadow in mocha, Sacha cosmetics yellow powder, Lakme eyeconic white pencil, Physician’s formula brow definer, Maybelline Falsies mascara, any brown toned eyeshadow.

*All products listed here are suggestive, you can use any similar shades/ products.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions 🙂

      – Rachel Vera

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