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Bourjois’ New Lipstick Range – Aqua Laque Lipsticks


Mid-April marked the reveal of the new Aqua Laque lipstick collection. In partnership with Dubai Sunset Mall and Spill The Bean café, Bourjois hosted a mystery event where guests got to search for clues in the characteristic messages of the product, in order to unveil the secret; the lipsticks.

With an eager audience, the atmosphere was ‘enigmatic’ where excitement lingered amongst those present to discover the product. Once guests arrived they were guided through an out of the ordinary game, which at the end, was to disclose the lipsticks.

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The game emphasized on the four appealing features of the product: Water, Colour, Shine and Long lasting. Guests firstly experienced a Parisian water fountain reflecting on the 45% water base of the lipstick, highlighting the light and moisturizing texture of the product. Eager guests then progressed on to a sight of colourful blocks with a burst of confetti giving game players an insight into the lipsticks vibrant range and explosion of colours. Moving through the bright confetti, guests progressed onto the scene of a large 3D mirror, unquestionably underlining the lipsticks shiny and glossy look.

Last but not least, invitees were urged to look through a giant box with an infinity mirrored effect, showcasing the lipsticks long lasting feature; undeniably every girls desired lipstick trait.



After playing the game, guests were offered delicious bites and juices, prepared by Spill the Bean Café, whilst having their photos taken by a photo booth and trying out the different lipstick shades professionally applied by Bourjois makeup artists.



Upon departure, guests were gifted the lipsticks, wrapped in a pretty red shiny Bourjois box sealed with a black silk ribbon, thrilling them further. Invitees left the eventoverjoyed to have revealed the product and delighted by the lipsticks smooth, shiny long lasting liquid texture, where the eight bright mesmerizing colours gave an overall charming effect.

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All eight shades of the Aqua Laque lipsticks will be on counter by the 1st May 2015 priced at AED 79 each.

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