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Bourjois Reinvents The Little Round Pot Eyeshadow





4.5 centimetres in diameter, tactile curves, stunning hues… the famous little round pot! The latest dress code for stylish women, and a brand new fusion of texture and sensation.

In true Parisian fashion, the iconic little round pot, rejuvenates its style without losing its identity…



Closed: embracing frivolity, the silver Bourjois graphics (with a J for Joy) dance across the compact lid.

Once opened, it reveals a stunning eyeshadow, soft like a cream yet light as a powder

8 superb colours that bring NUDE within everyone’s reach!

Modern, sensual…simple, elegant.And generous in size: 1,7 g for 700 applications!

The Bourjois + : lasts for up to 12 hours


An Icon

Introduced in 1912, the first pastel make-up products created by Bourjois revolutionised the cosmetics industry. Placed in their little round pots, these colourful feminine products are constantly changing based on women’s desires, needs and tastes in fashion.

100 years later, the latest round pots are still there to support women’s beauty rituals!


3 textures

Available in matte, pearl and shimmer, the pots reflect the colour and finish of the shadow inside

When dry, the eyeshadow blends over the lid with ease. When used damp, the shadow can easily be used to draw precise lines, for an eyeliner effect

4 Pearly Shades

01, 02, 04 and 05: the first “sophisticated” Nudes.

2 Matte

06, 08: for soft, smoky eyes, easy to achieve everyday

2 Shimmery

03, 07: Nudes dressed for an evening glamour



01: Ingénude: a delicate pearly off-white hue, apply to even out the eyelids.

02: Générose: a bright, pearly light pink to illuminate the eyes.

03 Originale: a radiant shimmering beige.

04: Emauvante: a soft, pearly burnished mauve. Elegant yet unconventional.

05: Mauvie Star: a frosted silvery mauve.

06: Utaupique: taupe with a high matte finish for a sophisticated look.

07: Brun de folie: a shimmering dark taupe.

08: Noctam-brune: a splendid brown, frosty and intense with a delicate pearl effect.


The Little round pot 2015. 1,7gr prices (UAE- KSA):


The Little round pot no 01: Ingénude: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 02: Générose: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 03 Originale: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 04: Emauvante: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 05: Mauvie Star: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 06: Utaupique: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 07: Brun de folie: AED 59 – SAR59

The Little round pot no 08: Noctam-brune: AED 59 – SAR59


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