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Braun, Jessica Alba & Her Fashion Stylists Inspire Women To Embrace Unlimited Choices


Wednesday the 4th of March 2015 at an exclusive event in Dubai, Braun, Beauty Ambassador Jessica Alba and her stylist team extraordinaire, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, launch Braun’s latest beauty innovations and reveal the next phase of the Break Free campaign.

BRAUN #breakfree Event 03_mg_8169

The campaign aims to inspire women across the globe to take control of their beauty regime so they can look and feel their best every day, break free from what holds them back and embrace unlimited choices. Whether it is unlimited fashion choices with the new Braun Silk-épil 9 giving smooth skin for up to four weeks; unlimited hair style choices with the expert styling portfolio; or an unlimited sense of confidence with flawless skin from the new Braun Face beauty brushes, Braun enables women to embrace life and opportunities.

BRAUN #breakfree Event 02_mg_8267

Alessandra Dolfini, Global Braun Marketing Director, explains “As the world’s leading epilation brand and expert in female beauty, we pride ourselves on designing innovative and superior performing products which help remove the barriers to women looking and feeling their best, and is why we are so excited about our latest product portfolio, especially the Silk-épil 9. We know that a key barrier to women stepping out with confidence is often not being able to wear what they want due to self-doubt concerning style choices or unwanted body hair. With the Silk-épil 9, women can enjoy non-stop beautiful smooth skin so they no longer have to feel limited in their wardrobe choices and can embrace unlimited fashion choices!”


Jessica Alba, Braun Beauty Ambassador said “I am proud to support a brand that designs beautiful, functional products for women. The new Silk-épil 9 helps women express themselves in their personal style as it gives them the freedom to wear what they want with confidence.”

BRAUN #breakfree Event 01 _mg_8133


Emily and Meritt comment “We believe women should never have to compromise on their style because they are not beauty ready and it is why we are so excited to be working with Braun. As stylists we have seen first-hand how empowering it is when women no longer have to hide behind those ‘safe’ items of clothing and are able to wear the clothes that make them feel good. We want to encourage women to unleash their wardrobe and wear the outfit that makes them feel fabulous every day.”


With an expert team that covers everything from beauty to style and fashion, Braun hopes that, together, they will inspire women across the globe to embrace unlimited choices, every day.

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