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Bring Your Tresses Back to Life with Fouz Al Fahad & Pantene


The moment we have all been dreading is here: Summer is officially over.


The good news? Our hair can finally go back to its normal, healthy state. After all, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause some serious damage to hair. Also, in the summertime, our hair has to endure the harmful side effects of chlorinated pools, salt water, scorching heat, and high humidity – which can result in frizzy, dry or brittle hair that is uncooperative and difficult to manage.


What to do? First and foremost, your post-summer locks are lacking in hydration, which is why you need to deep condition your hair and give it some much-needed moisture.


Start by adhering to a strict hair care routine that comprises a powerful oil-based leave-in treatment, such as Pantene’s Oil Replacement – the final step in Pantene’s three-step hair care regimen. The innovative rich and creamy product – which can be used on both damp and dry hair – adds softness and shine to hair and delivers conditioning and damage repair benefits.


Next, it is important to give your hair a break from the sun, heat styling, and unnecessary sprays and gels. Try to go a couple of days without exposing your hair to UV rays (you can protect your tresses using umbrellas, hats or scarves) or using a single product; this will help detox your hair and speed up its recovery.


“As someone who lives in sunny Kuwait and is constantly in the limelight, I know first-hand the damaging effects of sun rays and over-styling on healthy hair,” explains make-up artist and model Fouz Al Fahad. “That is precisely why I quickly gravitated towards Pantene’s Oil Replacement. The leave-in conditioning treatment has completely changed the way that my hair looks and feels, rendering it frizz-free, shiny, and silky. Now that summer has ended and I am back from my travels, I am counting on Pantene’s Oil Replacement to breathe new life into my hair!”

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