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Cars & Women in Saudi – a tough choice.


A lot has been said, written, talked about when it comes to women driving in Saudi Arabia. Though I am sure the concern authorities are doing what needs to be done, a thought should be spent on a very important yet ignored point- IF women in Saudi could drive, what would they drive?

What should women in Saudi drive?

Choosing a car is, lets say, as hard as choosing an expensive designer purse times 35! Yes, and allow me to explain:

From the engine size to output, the number of seats to the rear camera, and who can forget the expensive upgrades, body kits – and then the color?!?! Compare this to – a limited edition or the latest season purse? In leather or suede (even though they are both leather!), clutch or tote, and the color!?!?! Now multiply this by 35! Or 36, can’t remember how I got to that number.

So here’s the top 5 cars for the women of Jeddah (once the law allows this of course):


She needs a sleek-looking, high performance, practical, reliable and comfortable car, and the criteria suits the BMW 750Li. Will set you back SR500K, but you wont hear the honks of Jeddah in the vacuum-glass windows, nor will you have to worry about you music, emails, etc because they all connect to a cloud, and plays directly in the car.
www.bmw.com (Dealer in Saudi: Naghi Motors)

 * if a car was heaven, this is it! *


She is literally the “better-half” of a running, high-dream family of kids, social circle, gym, ikea trips and in-laws etc. A car that does the job, of course, but does it in style with the iPod connectivity to parking camera; including automatic door and trunk close options. Say hello to Mercedes ML350, SR 315K.
www.mercedes.com (Dealer in Saudi: Juffali)



It’s all about the statement here, and nothing complements this thought other than a Porsche Panamera Turbo S, SR 750K. The party needs not be exclusive to more than 4 people; seats are limited to First Class 4 only! Takes you from 0 to 100km/hr in under 3.0 seconds and, as if it needed another badge for the respect it deserves.
www.porsche.com (Dealer in Saudi: SAMACO)



Toyota Prado, SR 170K. Lets me assure you the looks of the Prado has nothing to do with why its on this list, as you can see. But the car will never breakdown, reasonable maintenance cost (maintenance and customer service are the best in Saudi), its as good as cash, does not loose money, fits 8 people, or your entire ikea shopping in a breeze. As they say it here, Toyota oh bas!
www.toyota.com (Dealer in Saudi:Abdul-Latif Jameel)

 (Due to other advantages, all of sudden the peculiar side lines of the body and the bland back goes from ignorable to bearable!) 



This is an interesting coupe. A high-performance, sleek-looking, 2 door fast coupe, with all the right colors (check out their blue and red), Bose sound system, camera, bluetooth, ipod, and much more. So whats wrong with it? It’s Genesis by Hyundai. If your ego can over-come the name (which it should because Hyundai has really bigged up their game), this will cost you SR120K only. You wonder why ‘only’ with the price? Good question – any other equivalent 2 door-coupe will costs you at least double and more.
www.hyundai.com (Dealer in Saudi: Naghi Motors)

 with a lil bit of tweaking (SR10-15K) you have the option of making it look like a beast!

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