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Celebrity Before & After’s! The Ultimate Color Correction Tips




It’s no secret that ever girl needs a bit of makeup camouflage in her life.   Yes, retouching plays a key role in how celebrities look so great on screen and in photos but celebrity makeup artists do have some tips, which help create that perfect balanced skin tone. 


Follow some of my expert makeup tips to help camouflage some of your problem areas without cakey layers of foundation on your face. Let’s look at some of these common celebrity skin issues to help understand how to create color correction perfection!


1.    Freida Pinto

 Celebrity Before &After’s 12

Common Skin Issue: Discoloration and Dark Under Eyes

Freida Pinto star of the movie Slum Dog Millionaire has the common issue of hyper and hypo-pigmentation where her skin is lighter towards the inside and darker towards the outside of her face.  She also has a bit of darkness around her eyes.


 Celebrity Before &After’s 11

Recommended Solution:

To even out the complexion choose Max Factor CC Cream and begin by applying it at the center of the face.  Warm the product in-between your fingers and work it outwards.  This will help to create one even tone of skin.  Also bring the product down towards the neck to balance out the colour difference between the neck and face.

To camouflage the darkness around the eyes apply an apricot colour corrector and then tap on some more of the CC Cream using your index finger to create a layer of coverage. Apricot, peach and orange help to mute out the blue in the dark area and once you apply the CC Cream on top of the darkness, it will be less obvious and would look more natural instead of grey.



2.  Lara Scandar

Celebrity Before &After’s 10

Common Skin Issue:  Freckles & Brown Spots

American born Arabic Singer Lara has great skin overall but seems to have some freckles and brown spots on her face.  Personally I LOVE freckles, but many girls like to cover them up to give an even look to the face when applying makeup.



 Celebrity Before &After’s 9

Recommended Solution:

Lara skin issues don’t need much coverage, so apply Max Factor’s CC Cream with a damp sponge starting at the center of the face and blending it outwards.  The damp sponge will help to absorb access product and give a light natural coverage to the skin while evening out the complexion.  The freckles and dark spots will still come through but won’t be as obvious.  If you’d like more coverage, simple tap on the CC Cream on problem areas and set with a sheer powder.



3.  Kim Kardashian

 Celebrity Before &After’s 8

Common Skin Issue: Dull Skin, Red Spots, and Redness Around the Eyes

Kim Kardashian has some very common skin issues.  Especially during the winter month’s skin can loose its glow making the face look dull.  Red blemishes and redness around the eyes is another very common skin issue.



 Celebrity Before &After’s 7

Recommended Solution:

Begin by using a lilac primer on the face that will help to take away the yellow undertones.  Similar to how you apply bronzer you should apply lilac onto the areas where the sun would naturally hit (cheekbones, nose, brow bone and center of the forehead).  Next apply your CC Cream or foundation normally.  For the red spots apply some green colour corrector on your problems areas after you’ve applied your CC Cream then pat on some concealer.  The green will help to mute out the red, allowing for a more natural application of concealer.


4.  Shakira

 Celebrity Before &After’s 6

Common Skin Issue:

Singing sensation Shakira has redness towards the inner corner of the eyes and an overall redness in her skin.


 Celebrity Before &After’s 5

Recommended Solution:

Apply Max Factor’s CC Cream on the center of the face where the skin is red leaving the skin towards the outside of the face natural.  This will allow for a more natural application and you won’t need as much of the product on your face.  For the redness in the inner corner of the eyes simply apply a little green color corrector after you’ve applied your CC Cream just half way under the eyes and then tap some concealer on top.  The green will mute out the redness.



5.  Beyonce

 Celebrity Before &After’s 4

Common Skin Issue: Noticeable veins around the eyes

Singer Beyoncé has great skin overall.  She only really has a bit of noticeable veins around the eyes and would just need a natural base to even out her complexion.



 Celebrity Before &After’s 3

Recommended Solution:

It’s normal to have thinner skin around the eyes, which can make veins around the eyes more noticeable.  A peachy-pink corrector is the best for brightening the area around the eyes.  Begin by applying your CC Cream on your t-zone and around thecenter of your face.  Blend it outwards as you normally would.  Then apply the peachy-pink color corrector around the eyes in a dabbing motion.  By using a dabbing motion the color will remain but you’ll still slightly blend it out.  Then apply a yellow under toned concealer to balance out the peachy pink.  This combination will create the perfect coverage.



6.  Selena Gomez


 Celebrity Before &After’s 2

Common Skin Issue: Pale Skin, Slight darkness under the Eyes and Blemishes.

Latina Singer and Actor Selena Gomezhas dull skin, some darkness under her eyes and some spots but overall good skin.


 Celebrity Before &After’s 1


Depending on the natural color of your skin, brighten up the complexion by choosing Max Factor’s CC Cream in a slightly bronze shade like tan or bronze.   Apply all over with a foundation brush to build more coverage and then blend out with your fingers.  The brush will help to deposit the color while the fingers warmth will help to easily blend it out.  Since the under eyes aren’t very obvious, a pink undertone concealer will be enough to give the right amount of natural coverage.  Simple dap it on problem areas and voila!

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