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Christian Louboutin: The Transformative Power Of Rouge Louboutin


July 2016

This July, Christian Louboutin celebrates the anniversary of the Maison’s signature Rouge Louboutin – available in Nail Colour and several Lip Colour finishes – with a new visual expression. Using butterflies, a symbol of transformation and gracefulness, each image explores the transformative power of the brand’s iconic shade of red.

For Christian Louboutin, red lips and nails are the most statement making. A woman who wears Rouge Louboutin puts her features on display – she is confident and takes ownership of how others perceive her. Yet, Rouge Louboutin also reveals a woman’s more delicate and feminine side. The colour elongates hands and emphasizes the shape of lips, amplifying a woman’s graceful gesture.


Depending on the lip formula she chooses, Rouge Louboutin helps a woman express her state of mind. Unapologetic yet gentle, she chooses Velvet Matte Lip Colour for its intensely rich matte colour. Daring yet understated, she wears Silky Satin Lip Colour for its generous colour with a smooth finish. Bold yet subtle she prefers Sheer Voile Lip Colour for its hint of colour with a luminous shine. A woman can uniquely express her character via one of the three formulas’ distinct payoff and finish.


This series of images also explores the power of the Rouge Louboutin beyond the formula. To Christian Louboutin, his beauty products are designed to enhance a woman’s femininity as much as they are intended as an ‘objet d’art.’ For instance, the woman is seen adorning her neck with it as a necklace, or mysteriously levitating it in the palm of her hand. With Christian Louboutin, a woman’s lipstick becomes her magic wand.

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