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Clinique Beyond Rose


Introducing NEW Clinique Beyond Rose, an exclusive blend of the most precious balms and resins handcrafted around a unique Wild Rose Accord. Arabia’s past, present and future meet in a sophisticated fragrance that is both modern and complex.


Inspired by the rich and vibrant fragrance culture of the Middle East, Clinique Beyond Rose has been engineered to blossom over time and linger in the memory. It combines an elegant rose with spicy undertones and a delightful, tantalizing trail of amber that make this scent stand out from the rest, surrounding it in an aura of mystery.

Everything about it is unique. The selection of pure and raw ingredients makes this fragrance unconventional and infinitely modern with long-lasting richness. It’s rose as it has never been known before with sheer layers that weave an ornate texture.



Clinique Beyond Rose opens with spicy accents of White Pepper, energized by the fresh jolt of Freesia flowers and the modern freshness of Mate leaves. The alluring first impression draws you deeply into the scent.

In the heart of the fragrance we find a blend of Rose Absolute and Rose Oil. Meticulously hand-selected during the months of May and June, the Rose Damascena has been a symbol of femininity throughout ages and cultures. Through a traditional process of steam distillation the freshly picked petals of the Rose release the exceptional and sensual aromatic essence of the Rose Oil. The luxurious heart develops captivating notes of rich Osmanthus, a traditional symbol of love and romance, and a leathery smooth facet through the Styrax.

To complete this bouquet, the background notes craft an aura of mystery and irresistible seduction through a soft hypnotic veil of Cistus Labdanum combined with the tantalizing powers of Amber and Benzoin. These aromatic ingredients have a centuries old tradition of use in both perfumes and incenses and create a delightful trail of undeniable magnetism that goes beyond rose.



Clinique Beyond Rose rests in a lattice of rich, lustered glass, embossed with a pattern to reflect the perfume’s timelessness, a rich Middle Eastern history. The gold and rose cabochon whispers of the fragrance’s unique chords – tantalizing amber and wild rose.


Beyond Rose will be available beginning September 2014 at Clinique counters across the Middle East.

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