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CULT51 Night Cream


CULT51 Night Cream is the breakthrough anti-ageing product of the year & it’s available on Cult Beauty.

Developed over two years by brand specialist Richard Mears, he poured years of beauty brand development experience into this breakthrough, one-product-range. CULT51 night cream is a high-tech collaboration of scientifically advanced, active ingredients at highly concentrated levels. Most skin care ranges would spread the actives across a range of eye cream, moisturiser, serum etc. – (a) to focus them on different specific concerns and (b) to make more money, but Richard wanted to see what happened if he focused all of his efforts on just one wonder cream.

One of its Cult51’s most exciting capabilities is that it raises ATP levels by up to 65% with immediate effects.

Cells draw their energy from ATP – commonly known as ‘the fuel of life’ – yet as we age, ATP production slows, with a skin ageing knock-on effect. The ingredients in Cult51 help stimulate cells’ ability to biosynthesis ATP – yet this is only part of the age-defying puzzle. Without oxygen, ATP remains inert, which is why Cult51 also triggers an increase in oxygen exchange (by up to 45%), whilst increasing micro circulation to effectively deliver oxygen to where it’s needed. This ‘3D’ effect works in harmony with skin’s metabolism, to help quickly recover its energy potential, and recapture its former vitality.



Reduces The Appearance Of Wrinkles & Fine Lines By Up to 52% in 28 Days
Increases The Skin’s Oxygen Uptake Of The Skin By Up To 45%
Diminishes The Appearance Of Age Spots By Up To 25% In 12 Weeks
Humidity Adaptive: Works Harder To Maintain Moisture Levels In Air Conditioned And Synthetic Environments

Cult51 helps prevent hyper pigmentation, whilst fading current age spots over time. It protects against pollution with powerful anti-oxidants, prevents deterioration of lasting fibers, calms irritation, helps prevent inflammation and makes skin less sensitive to things like rosacea and eczema. It increases the energy available to cells (up to 40%) speeding up new cell, and collagen production and firming the entire matrix of your skin. It reduces wrinkles, eye puffiness, dark eye circles and acne scarring – it even makes spots heal more quickly. Visible results with long-term benefits are seen within two weeks of use, no wonder it has a whopping 78% re-buy rate – the industry average is around 5%.

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