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DG Perfect Lift Foundation!


Introducing two new, highly advanced and luxurious offerings from Dolce&Gabbana Make Up: The Lift Foundation and The Primer. Formulated to deliver exceptional skin moisturising benefits and flawless coverage, these new high-performance formulations create the perfect canvas, enhancing skin’s natural radiance while diminishing signs of fatigue for a youthful, rejuvenated look.

“One of the Dolce&Gabbana woman’s most powerful tools is her face: every aspect reveals something about her and her experiences, each expression reveals an emotion. Each woman decides what parts, if any, of the story she wants to tell, and that’s one of her strongest assets.” Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana the foundation_Lift Foundation_FRESH BEIGE_40_pack shot_high res


the foundation_Lift Foundation_GOLDEN_HONEY_170_pack shot_high resDolce&Gabbana Make Up presents The Lift Foundation, a new high-performance foundation formula enriched with special skincare moisturising properties designed to reveal natural, younger-looking skin with an incredibly beautiful complexion – both instantly and over time.  Perfect Reveal Lift Foundation’s special formula is enriched with the exclusive Gold Flavo-Silk TricomplexTM, with extracts of Gold Silk Sericin, Italian Olive Oil and Vitamin B3, a unique trio of ingredients created to restore skin’s natural moisture, smooth the skin’s texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in four weeks.

This new exclusive complex features a uniquely sourced extract of Gold Silk Sericin, a mix of amino acids and poly-peptides, shown to increase moisture levels in the stratum corneum, the top layers of the skin known as the skin barrier. Drawing inspiration from Sicily’s cultural influences, a special extract of Italian Olive Oil was selected for its ability to strengthen the top layers of the skin structure. Finally, inspired by vitamins found in natural wheat, the formulators enriched this complex with Vitamin B3; a well-known water-soluble vitamin which has shown to enhance skin moisture and increase the rate of exfoliation and barrier repair when applied topically.

Upon application, skin feels instantly hydrated, rejunevated and perfectly sculpted, with a smoother texture and plumper shape – and benefits continuing with further use.
Its multi-faceted formula, which is fragrance free, simultaneously covers and conceals dark spots, blemishes, redness and imperfections so that skin looks more youthful. Easy-to-apply, it has a soft, smooth texture and ensures even, flawless and full coverage that lasts all day, for a complete, natural make up look with a radiant, velvety finish.

“We love the amazing sculpting effect that Perfect Reveal Lift Foundation has on the skin. Beautifully lightweight, it brings gorgeous, natural-looking coverage. Of course it has skin benefits too, which means you can get a youthful, radiant look every day you use it. We know that’s something that women everywhere will love.” Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbanathe foundation_Lift Foundation_LIGHT_IVORY_20_pack shot_high res

Dolce&Gabbana Make Up introduces The Primer, an intensely hydrating, radiance-enhancing formula which perfects, illuminates and protects the skin – creating the perfect base for make up application. Infused with precious and exclusively sourced extracts of Gold Silk Sericin and Italian Olive Oil, the special formulation of The Primer delivers skin with a fresh, natural, luminous complexion and an exceptionally refined, even tone and smooth texture.  Upon application, signs of fatigue are immediately reduced to perfect the skin. Specially coated, light-reflecting particles create an incredibly natural,  pearly optical effect through exceptional light scattering to illuminate the skin, whilst a high concentration of moisturising agents hydrates and nourishes the skin to protect against dryness.  High-performance SPF 30 properties further protect against damaging UV rays to help preserve skin’s youthful, healthy appearance.  The Primer’s smooth, silky texture glides easily onto the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated to ensure an effortless foundation application.

“The Primer is the perfect base for make up application. It hydrates the skin to give it a fresh, natural glow and beautifully smooth, even texture – it’s a product no woman can live without!” explains Stefano Gabbana

the foundation_Lift Foundation_SOFT_TAN_160_pack shot_high res

How to Apply

Following on from your Dolce&Gabbana routine, The Primer can be used both under foundation or on its own as a moisturiser. To apply The Primer lightly dab the soft cream onto the skin using your fingertips, and massage it onto the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. For a flawless yet youthful, rejuvenated look, apply a light covering of The Lift Foundation to the main areas of the face and gently blend using the fingertips, smoothing outwards from the centre of the face. Soften and blend further with the Foundation Brush for a perfect professional finish.

the primer_Primer_SHEER RADIANCE_pack shot_high res

The Campaign

Revealing the soft, subtle luminance of The Lift Foundation and The Primer with an intimate style that plays with bold contrasts of dark and light, photographers Mert&Marcus shot the print campaign for the line. The face of the campaign is Linda Evangelista, the newest Dolce&Gabbana Make Up testimonial chosen for her striking, timeless beauty and enduring vitality. Illuminated with a fresh, natural glow and smooth, flawless complexion, Mert&Marcus capture the youthful radiance of her skin, infused with gentle luminosity.

The Packaging

The Lift Foundation is presented in a slim, rectangular bottle with smooth, rounded edges. The foundation liquid is visible through the clear glass, with the Dolce&Gabbana logo in black. The polished black lid presents Dolce&Gabbana’s signature gold trim, recalling the luxurious quality of Gold Silk Sericin, and its special properties which enrich the foundation formula.  A similar gold trim appears on The Primer bottle, which reflects the same tapered lines and soft edges as the foundation bottle. The purity of The Primer is brought to life through the bottle’s white cap, and the Dolce&Gabbana logo in black contrasts beautifully against the lightly frosted glass.

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