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Dior Backstage Pro’s Present Fix It!


The Dior Backstage Pros product line appears at every Dior runway show and every Dior shoot.


Taking inspiration directly from the techniques of professional make-up artists, the Backstage Pros range is a collection of expert, ingenious and inventive products. These universal tools provide instant and targeted beauty solutions.

A must-have for Dior make-up artists, the Backstage Pros range has a new addition in the shape of an intelligent product capable of enhancing complexion, eye and lip make-up:




Dior creates its first, professional result, multi-function corrector.

A new, indispensable primer and concealer for three zones of the face (complexion, eyes and lips).

To be used as a skin perfector in your makeup routine or for touch-ups.


What it is:
A two-in-one primer and concealer for face, eyes, and lips.


What it does:
Inspired by backstage makeup techniques, Dior invents its first multipurpose concealer can be used as a skin perfector in your makeup routine or for touch-ups. With targeted application on the face, Fix It fills pores, erases fine lines, and corrects pigment imperfections for a flawlessly even complexion. Applied around the eye, Fix It helps erase dark circles and smooths skin texture for a more rested look. In touches on the lips, Fix It evens out color and fills grooves for optimal lipstick hold and color impact.

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