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Directory   Salon & Spa

Mayara Home Spa

Services MakeupManicure / PedicureMassage

Mayara believes that every lady deserves to achieve a sense of balance and harmony that will enrich her life and reflect her beauty. However, in this busy world it is very hard to have the life style that we merit. Acting on her desire to provide a solution for people wanting to regain balance in their lives, she decided to offer you and for every lady – an oasis of comfort and luxury where one is nurtured and cared for.

 They have Massage Therapists who are specifically trained in Massage who come into your home and make it into a 5 star spa.  They have everything from professional massage beds, music, aromatherapy, candles, bath robe, rose water, the perfect room temperature and carefully selected products collected from the best places in the world to make your massage everything you want and more.  This Spa pays extra attention to detail and offer 1.5 hour massages only.

Mayara Home spa is the first in bringing the ultimate spa experience within the comfort of their customers home in Jeddah, with a dedication to the best quality hygiene using disposable items.

Price: 350sr – 550sr


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