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Eid Aesthetic Treatise: Skin Glam & Glow


Ramadan is almost over and Eid is just around the corner. Congrats and bravo to all assiduous spiritualists on the month long marathon of mind, body and spiritual cleansing. Eid is indeed the time to celebrate your platonic diligence. Here are few tips to help you get instantaneous beautiful & glowing skin to match your recently refined souls.

Fastest & quickest way to get glowing skin is to infuse it with vitamins, nutrients and hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy treatment at your local derm office can help your skin gain that instant shine and glow overnight.

Mesotherapy is the unique combination of art and science utilizing painless microinjections of vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and pharmaceuticals in specific formulations. Mesotherapy can be applied to a multitude of different conditions, both medical and cosmetic.


What is MesoFace?

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For skin revitalization micro vitamin injections are applied in nappage or papule form in sub dermal plane. This process helps to rejuvenate the cells, making them more active, and thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to prevent wrinkles from forming thus plumping and rejuvenating your skin. Post treatment you notice a visible improvement in the tone, hydration and texture of your skin.

As we age, the level of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases considerably, leading to the appearance of sagging & ageing of skin with formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The natural hyaluronic acid found in our skin contributes to skin elasticity and firmness by maintaining a high level of hydration to the skin. Mesotherapy helps to improve and maintain skin tone by promoting collagen and fibroblast production. It also acts as an anti-oxidant by promoting free radical scavenger activities. By introducing the skin to natural source hyaluronic acid identical to the skin’s own hyaluronic acid, we slow down the ageing process too.

Combination of hyaluronic acid with valuable vitamins nourishes and hydrates the skin resulting in instant glow and radiance. If you can’t afford the expensive derm-office treatments lament not, now you can try mesotherapy at home too with the help of a derma-roller.


What is MesoFace with a derma-Roller?

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Derma roller is a hand-held small, narrow device (rather like a tiny paint roller) studded with almost 200 fine surgical steel micro-needles – common lengths are 0.5 millimeter, 1 millimeter and 1.5 millimeters. (Smaller lengths are designed for the face; longer lengths are used for the body.)  As the device is rolled over the skin it produces multiple mild pin-prick punctures.

The object of the process is to stimulate collagen production by injuring the skin through hundreds of micro punctures. Theoretically, any injury to the skin should instigate a process of wound healing by stimulating the production of more fibroblasts and collagen. And more collagen theoretically means smoother skin & plumper skin.

Applying vitamins and hyaluronic acid on top leads to more beneficial effect in the form of instantaneous glow and shine to skin.

Mesotherapy has been the veiled secret behind “The Red Carpet Star Glow” for ages. Try Meso-glow & Meso-revitalize at home or with a derm expert you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wish you all a very happy and glowing Eid!!!




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