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Eid Makeup Essentials : Best Of Bourjois


Because you want to look absolutely amazing for this special day, your Parisian beauty partner Bourjois has created the ideal Eid look to celebrate the end of Ramadan in the most beautiful way.

To reveal your beauty and color your day for the occasion, Bourjois chose for you 6 essentials:

To have the perfect base for your Eid look, you will want a smooth, matte finish, second skin effect foundation. For this, start with the light and airy Air Mat! Its natural, imperceptible veil will even your skin and let it breathe while erasing any defects.


Now let’s add some color to your beautiful smile! The delightful Lip Liner Berry Much shade T05, a deep and beautiful Berry color will put you in the right mood for this Eid. Match it with the intense Rouge Edition Velvet Grand Cru shade 08 for a matte finish.

In this step we will take care of your wonderful eyes by applying the eyeshadow palette no10 Welcome Black and subtly adorns your eyelids. The shimmery palette offers intense shades to play with, such as an urban night blue, a burning bronze, an ultra-matte black and gold top coat.

For a perfect blink, Twist up the Volume Ultra-Black Edition Mascara will give the right length and oversize the volume of your lashes.


The ultra-smart Twist 2-in-1 brush lengthens, separates and coats lashes for an ultra-complete result:

Position 1: the bristles are spaced out and offer optimal length and separation.

Position 2: the bristles are close together to maximise the amount of mascara and produce even more volume and intensity.

Bourjois would never finalize a look without its iconic Little Round Pot Blush! For this occasion, apply Sienne shade on your cheeks to give your Eid look an instant healthy glow. The plus is its famous build-in mirror allowing you to be all set for touch-ups on the go!


Price List UAE – The Eid Look:

Air Mat foundation – AED 79

Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette shade Welcome Black T10 – AED81

Twist up the Volume Ultra Black Edition Mascara – AED 84

Lip liner Berry Much shade T05 – AED 34

Rouge Edition Velvet Grand Cru 08 – AED 79

Blush Little Round Pot Sienne – 63 AED 58 SAR

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