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Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrait – Hydrating Nourishing Softening Care



At the heart of the Embryolisse brand founded in 1950 is the iconic Lait-Crème Concentré which over the years has become a universal product sold all over the world by the millions. An ingenious insider product that professional make-up artists swear by to transform the skin; used backstage at ALL fashion shows around the world to make the skin smooth, plumped up and bright.

A truly universal care product, handed down from mother to daughter, Concentrated Cream-Milk is a perennial favorite among dermatologists, but has also been adopted as a beauty must-have by professional make-up artists and celebrities, who have been won over by its unrivalled effectiveness.

It is formulated using renowned natural ingredients:

  • Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, recognized for its toning effect, to leave skin feeling satin-soft
  • Softening and protecting beeswax,
  • Aloe Vera, dubbed “heaven’s miracle” by the Native Americans, due to its multiple virtues. It contains vitamins A, E and B, anti-free radical minerals such as selenium, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It stimulates cellular regeneration and has powerful water-fixing properties.
  • Soya proteins have a re-firming effect on skin, by stimulating collagen fibers, and also work to hydrate the skin. All contain essential amino acids.




Ultra-hydrating and nourishing, Concentrated Cream-Milk speeds up cell renewal, reconstitute skin’s hydrolipidic film, its protective barrier against external stresses, and help to lock water within the epidermis. Thus perfectly hydrated, nourished and repaired, skin regains its suppleness and elasticity. It is smoothed, full of bounce and incredibly soft.

Its silky texture, imbued with the scent of childhood, leaves even the driest and most sensitive skin satin-soft, soothed and comfortable. Concentrated Cream-Milk is the ideal hydrating and nourishing care for all ages and skin types, for women, children and babies, whatever the circumstance. It is also an ideal after-shave balm for men. It can even be used as a cleanser/make-up remover (rinse off with a toner), as a mask when applied in a generous layer, or indeed as a soothing and repairing after-sun care product.



To keep your skin in perfect health, and therefore beautiful, fully hydrated and nourished, it is important to drink plenty of water every day. Cleanse skin both morning and evening on a daily basis, using gentle lotions or milks. Above all, never leave water to dry on your skin, as this will lead to dehydration; gently pat skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing.

Lait Crème Concentre 75 ml – £17.50 on www.cultbeauty.co.uk

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