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Emporio Armani SS16 : Makeup by Linda Cantello


A gentle breeze. Air blows gently, moving lines and shadows. Subtle casualness runs through the new Emporio Armani collection, making it look as spontaneous as the simple act of tying a neck scarf. A new feminine figure emerges: breaking out of the mould, she explores new ways of being and attitudes, using each outfit to express a different mood, shifting from the classic interplay of masculine and feminine towards a subtle yet determined form of grace.


The make-up look step by step with Giorgio Armani Beauty:


Achieve a young, fresh and natural skin by preparing the skin with the new ARMANI PRIMA GLOW- ON MOISTURISING BALM. Giorgio Armani Beauty will launch in March 2016 a new innovative skincare range with ARMANI PRIMA, an advanced skincare line for all-day makeup glow. With ARMANI PRIMA, skin is flawless, radiant, hydrated and touch-up free all day long.



Apply a combination of CREMA NUDA and HIGH PRECISION RETOUCH in shades matching skintone. Create a soft and natural warm pink healthy flush on the cheekbones with the custom-made CREMA NUDA blush shade, created with the LAB ARMANI RUNWAY.

Eyebrows are natural, filled softly with EYE&BROW MAESTRO in shades matching the hair color.


Apply on eyelids a soft wash of EYE TINT in shade 23 Camel Smoke, from the upcoming SMOKEY NUDES Collection (on counter in May 2016), and smudge gently.
Add SMOOTH SILK EYE PENCIL in dark brown shade 12 on the outer third of the eye and blend. Finish with BLACK ECSTASY mascara in Obsidian black on top lashes with an emphasis on the outer lashes.



Apply one coat of LIP MAESTRO in shade 406 Orient on bare lips, and let it dry.
Then add one coat of EYE TINT in shade 20 Leather Smoke, from the SMOKEY NUDES Collection. Lips are intense, in a deep chocolate-burgundy shade.

Use NAIL LACQUER in shade 602 Night Viper on hands and feet.

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