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Endless Possibilites: New YSL 5 Color Couture Palettes


Create Eyes like a work of art with our Couture Palette. The intense color is long-wearing, crease-proof and available in 11 matte and satin shades. The formula includes a high concentration of pearls and pigments and a network of transparent powders that result in a long-lasting complex for optimal hold. This smooth even blend finish is crease resistant for up to 12-hour hold. The result is pure, intense color in 11 stunning palettes.


Couture Palette – Eyes Clothed in Colour by Yves Saint Laurent

“My Weapon is the vision I have of my times.”

A true visionary, Yves Saint Laurent imagined a new modernity.  Today the Yves Saint Laurent woman is free, empowered, able to transform every moment of her life with a gesture, an attitude, a look; for this woman knows the power of attraction lies in her eyes.  Feet firmly on the ground, her head is in the stars.  She sees what others overlook.  She pushes the limits, intuitively, passionately.

She travels light and dares to stand out from the crowd.  The Yves Saint Laurent woman plays with black, gold and color to punctuate life’s precious moments.  She’s headstrong, heartstrong.  She savors style in all its facets; her eye scans an infinite range of options.

It is for this woman that Yves Saint Laurent has revolutionized its eye color collection with the new COUTURE PALETTE.  As a tribute to the designer’s greatest sources of inspiration, the collection features 11 compacts containing 5 ready-to-wear colours, each in a signature case.

COUTURE PALETTE or the Couture signature for eyes by Yves Saint Laurent.

Couture Palette – The Quintessence of the Saint Laurent Spirit

Interpreting anew the timeless codes of the Yves Saint Laurent House, with its graphic lines, perfect proportions and legendary names, the new COUTURE PALETTE captures the very essence of YVES SAINT LAURENT.  Thanks to a new generation formula and a vast array fo shades and effects, COUTURE PALETTE celebrates the spirit of color with an infinite choice of looks – magnetic, captivating, unique, ultra sensual.

Offering 5 eye shadows in a single case, COUTURE PALETTE is presented in a signature gold case stamped iwth the iconice Cassandre logo which opens to reveal bold black Couture lines, perfectly proportioned graphic design features and high-impact color associations – all nods to the legendary “Mondrian” dresses created by Mr. Saint Laurent.

“I needed to give a face to the woman I dress.”

Echoing this declaration made at the launch of the first Saint Laurent makeup line in 1978, the COUTURE PALETTE clothes the eyes in signature colours.  It is both a style statement and a sublime revival. Tuxedo, Parisiennnee, Avant-Garde…the COUTURE PALETTE collection takes its cue from all the world’s colors, from all the journeys, real and imaginary, Yves Saint Laurent has undertaken over the years.  A choromatic wardrobe laced with Couture memories, the sight and smell of things touched and loved: the silky muslins of the Ballets Russes collection, the ivory of a Moroccan crepe blouse, the powder grain of a tuxedo…With its evocative names and emblematic textures, COUTURE PALETTE is a tribute to MR. Saint Laurent’s greatest sources of inspiraiton and makes a style statement of timeless modernity with unlimited, irresistible, made to measure appeal for today’s women.

A cult object, a tribute to eyes that affirm an attitude, underscoring true character, sculpting a distinct personality, COUTURE PALETTE enters the scene as a style icon, a new way of looking at creativity and attracting the world’s eyes.

Couture Palette – A Ready-to-Wear Eye Color Collection

With COUTURE PALETTE, Yves Saint Laurent signs a collection of 11 harmonies, each composed of 5 colours embodying the DBA of the House, played out through a contemporary chromatic scale.  This is a colleciton designed to sheath the eye like an Haute Couture silk dress, a flannel tuxedo or a rive Gauche trench coat.  This is a wardrobe of colors, with the interplay of textuers from patte to pearl, satin to metallic that will reveal the mulch-faceted beauty of the eyes.


No 1 Tuxedo.


Introducing the tuxedo for eyes: a tribute to a mainstay of the Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe that has become an urban must-have.  Eyes are dressed in sleek, pure lines emboldened by the subtle tension of matte powder grain black and satin shades of grey flannel.  Discover the mysterious charm of a smoky halo, hovering somewhere between light and shadow =, feminine and masculine.

No 2 Fauves.


Golden beige and sultry, sandy shades of harmonize with warm browns of ebony and macassar wood, brushed against by tigers and panthers.  The eyes are clothed in shades of timeless elegance, like a trench coat thrown over a summer dress.

No 3 Afrique.


Imagine a fiery sun and the gleam of twilight over the savannah, sacred dust echoed in safari tones.  Five shades celebrate all the exotic wonders of the Yves Saint Laurent, five invitations to faraway places, under the sun.

No 4 Saharienne.


Evocative of the graduated tones of sunlit sand dunes in a  land of light and shadow, this compilation of skin-warming shades pays tribute to an iconic jacket re-interpreted time and again.

No 5 Surrealiste.


Around an amethyst heart blossoms purple flowers, beauties wrapped in mauve, pink and violet boas.  Creating an infinitely mysterious smoky effect, this collection is shown to perfection under a late sun in Montparnasse, artistic haunt of the “lost generation”.

No 6 Rive Gauche.


Think of the blue-greys of Indian cashmere or stormy skies.  Imagine a white cotton percale jacket over jeans.  This collection of graduated ready-to-wear blues is perfect for a Sunday in Paris, strolling along the Seine or Boulevard Saint Germain.

No 7 Parisienne.


A harmony of pinks and mauve’s dress the eye in a halo of soft freshness, evoking the reflection of twilight on the paneling of Parisian apartment.

No 8 Avant-Garde.


Around a  bohemian hear of grey, metallic shades of green shimmer in a cosmopolitan light.  Five shades vibrate to the sound of footsteps on the famous cobblestones of Paris

No 9 Love.


An explosion of pinks like a declaration of love to all the Yves Saint Laurent muses of yesterday and today.  Like a racing heartbeat, the eyes light up with happiness and romance.

No 10 Lumieres Majorelle.


Imagine the ceramic blue of foundations, the deep tone of lush greenery, the luminous yellow of lemon trees. On the eyelid, colour fans out like a peacock’s tail, radiating beauty like the exotic garden that inspired so many YSL creations.

No 11 Ballets Russes.


The glorious pinks of soft velvet, the rustle of ochre muslin patterned with arabesques, the violet and blue of sashes and turbans.  An explosion of vibrant colors , a tribute to the collection that moved Yves Saint Laurent to say: “I don’t know if it’s the most beautiful, but it’s my favorite.”

COUTURE PALETTE – The New YSL Eye Colour Technology

With its new generation formula and unique, patented manufacturing process designed to bring out the most sophisticated color effects, each COUTURE PALETTE offers 5 shades to wear in any number of combinations, for ultra senatorial, maximum-hold eye color.

“Pure Color Catalyst” Technology

At the heart of the formula lies a base that becomes a catalyst for pure color.  Nothing can spoil it.  Colour comes to life – luminous, intense, vibrant and translated into a vast array of shades and effects.  Thanks to a creamy matrix containing oils, its ultra comfortable texture glides on the eyelid in an opaque, even veil.  Its high-fidelity formula, with 12 hour hold, ensures perfect finish eye shadow that won’t smudge or run.  The colour is pure, perfectly uniform and lasts all day without re-touching. 


A Palette of High-Concentration Colour

 Designed for intuitive application, “Pure Colour Catalyst” technology delivers a wealth of effects in a single palette, from a simple, sexy, one-colour look to Couture creations of stunning audacity.  Matte or pearly, metallic or iridescent, all combinations are possible thanks to the high concentration of pigments and pearl particles.  The promise of pure color delivers a look that’s embellished, emphasized and exalted in a play of contrasts or tone-on-tones, from smoky to intense, subtly low key to vibrantly alive.

Two Complementary, Custom Applicators

To enhance the pleasure of ultra-comfortable, sensual application, Yves Saint Laurent has accessorized COUTURE PALETTE with two easy-to-use, intuitive and highly precise applicators.  The first has two different tips to use according to the desired effect: a circular tip for bold, generous color all over the eyelid; a thinner tapered tip for high precision and a graphic, personalised look.  The second applicator ends in a brush for a ‘liner’ effect or, alternatively, for blending colour over the entire lid.  Colour is maximized, while application is sensual, intuitive and totally customizable.  These are two perfect accessories for beauty without limits.

Couture Palette – Intuitive Colour Control for Signature Eyes

With the new COUTURE PALETTE, Yves Saint Laurent re-invents eye colour, offering today’s woman unprecedented east of use, free of taboos and limitations of the past.  The eyelid becomes a canvas for every whim or flight of fancy.  A mobile stage where every nuance, every color combination expresses an emotion, an attitude, a way of looking at the world.

To ensure the Saint Laurent woman has everything on her side to achieve this kind of freedom, COUTURE PALETTE contains 5 eye colours whose positioning and chromatic scale were designed by Lloyd Simmonds to make application as intuitive as possible. T he art of giving the eyes customized Couture colour, of playing the shades in every key, from sassy to sophisticated, has never been easier.





Watch The HOW TO video with Lloyd Simmonds



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