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Estee Lauder Introduces New Nutritious Vitality8


       Power Up Skin’s Harmony in Just 8 Days with the Potent Pomegranate8 Complex

                                                      Reveal 8 Dimensions of Radiant, Healthy Skin


Beautiful skin has a dynamic equilibrium, with everything working in harmony. When this natural balance is disrupted by environmental aggressors, skin can lose its radiance and start to look dry and fatigued – this is when it’s time to power up. Introducing a fast and effective solution for youthful, healthy and radiant-looking skin –NEW Nutritious Vitality8™, created exclusively for Asian skin. Infused with Estée Lauder’s proprietary, highly potent NEW Pomegranate8 Complex, this powerful and energizing new collection recharges skin with the power of 8 – in just 8 days, 8 powerful ingredients help reset skin’s natural dynamic equilibrium to help activate 8 dimensions of radiantly healthy looking skin. Boosting skin’s own natural energy, the NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ collection includes Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Dual-Phase Emulsion, Moisture Creme, Overnight Creme/Mask and Overnight Detox Concentrate. This powerful collection reveals a new look of youthful energized vibrancy. Skin looks and feels radiant, refined, hydrated, energized, nourished and more.



Skin’s dynamic equilibrium refers to multiple actions within skin that work in harmony to support healthy, radiant-looking skin. This harmony can easily be disrupted with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and exposure to environmental aggressors, overwhelming skin and creating an unbalanced state. When skin lacks energy, moisture and nutrients, it can look dull, fatigued and less energized. Skin needs the proper “nutrition” to maintain a healthy look. By detoxifying skin, neutralizing free radicals and infusing it with energy and vital nutrients, skin can create balance and harmony to restore its natural look of radiant health.



Taking inspiration from the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy where beautiful and radiant skin starts with healthy looking, well-balanced skin, NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ powers up skin with NEW Pomegranate8 Complex. For over a decade, Estée Lauder’s Nutritious has leveraged the nutrient-dense pomegranate, which contains many of the elements necessary for optimally healthy-looking skin. Now, NEW Pomegranate8 Complex intensifies the power of this super fruit, a unique blend of 8 powerful ingredients – pomegranate, soapberry, mangosteen, berry extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, anti-oxidant booster and mineral water. By delivering this intensive infusion of energizers, deep hydration, vitamins and minerals to skin, NEW Pomegranate8 Complex provides vital energy and key nutrients that support skin’s natural balance.


NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ helps to reactivate 8 key signs of radiantly healthy skin. In just 8 days, this fast and effective collection reveals a new look of energized youthful vibrancy from the inside-out and skin looks more:


  1. Hydrated                     5. Radiantly Healthy
  2. Nourished                    6. Supple
  3. Energized/vibrant        7. Refined
  4. Calmed/soothed          8. Smoother



Every product in the NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ collection works to recharge skin’s youthfulness for beautifully radiant, energized skin. This super-energizing collection infuses skin with the power of NEW Pomegranate8 Complex and can be used with Nutritious Radiant Vitality and Rosy Prism™ collections to create a unique, customized Nutritious regimen.


  • NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Dual-Phase Emulsion – This energizing burst of light hydration and nutrients instantly revives and refreshes skin’s radiance while ginseng complements the high-intensity of NEW Pomegranate8 Complex to recharge skin with vital energy. The innovative dual-phase formula that strengthens skin’s internal moisture barrier and leaves skin looking dewy fresh and full of vitality. Apply following essence lotion.


  • NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Moisture Creme – An instant infusion of intense hydration that lasts throughout the day. This nourishing creme helps neutralize environmental aggressors with anti-oxidant power leaving skin looking smoother, healthier, dewy and fresh.


  • NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Overnight Creme/Mask – A rich overnight moisture creme that restores skin’s balance and infuses deep hydration and nourishment. This product can also be applied generously as an overnight mask for an intense nutrient infusion.
  • NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate – Enhanced with highly concentrated pomegranate power, this is an intensive detoxifying treatment for smoother, softer, brighter skin. Designed for seasonal use, this treatment is formulated with clay to help absorb impurities and detoxify the skin. It also helps minimize the look of pores and purify accumulated damage from pollution and other aggressors. Apply generously in the evening before moisturizer. Use for 28 consecutive nights at the beginning of every new season or as desired.
  • THE SIGNATURE NUTRITIOUS SCENTInspired by the exquisite essences of the South Pacific, this illuminating scent enlightens the senses. Sparkling Grapefruit, Chinese Orange and Black Currant blend harmoniously with the delicate fusion of Fresh Rhubarb, Asian Pear and Cherry Blossom. The subtle whispers of Lotus Flower and Pink Orchid are softened with Fruity Musk bringing a sheer finish to this natural infusion.



    Developed specifically to meet the needs of Asian skin, NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ is a ritual that Asian women are already raving about:


    • After using NEW Nutritious Vitality8™Radiant Dual-Phase Emulsion for just 8 days, 100% of women said their skin felt softer and looked more energized*.
    • After using NEW Nutritious Vitality8™Radiant Moisture Creme for just 8 days, 99% of women said their skin felt more plumped and radiant*.
    • After using NEW Nutritious Vitality8™Radiant Overnight Creme/Mask for just 8 days, 96% of women said their skin felt more hydrated and looked more rested*.
    • NEW Nutritious Vitality8™Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate left 84% of women with skin that felt detoxified and with smaller pores after just four weeks*.


    *Tested on 100 Chinese women in China

    Available at Estée Lauder counters from October 2015.

    NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Collection is Dermatologist tested, Non-Acnegenic and was specifically created for and tested on Asian skin.


    NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Dual-Phase Emulsion Suggested Retail Price: $80/ AED 294

    NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Moisture Creme Suggested Retail Price: $80/ AED 294

    NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Overnight Creme/Mask Suggested Retail Price: $84/ AED 311

    NEW Nutritious Vitality8™ Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate Suggested Retail Price: $93/ AED 341

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