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From Lancome With Love – Spring 2016 Collection





Welcome to a pop, retro-futuristic Paris: a world of poetic surprises where things are never quite what they seem, an invitation to incite every woman’s creativity. An imaginary journey infused with grace and lightness has inspired Lancôme for its spring 2016 make-up collection. The heroine of this Parisian tale re-connects with her childlike side to imagine looks with new-found sensuality, both elegant and delicate, playing with innovative textures and zesty colour. Neo-pastels with soft pop tones, but always with an ultra-contemporary twist. What could be more uplifting than daring to shake up the codes, create new sensations and effects, go beyond appearances and reveal the unexpected?



Limited Edition


A bouquet of colour

The dream becomes reality: the iconic cube of our childhood is transformed into the most desirable of palettes, the star product for spring 2016.

This marvellous cheek and eye palette pushes the all-in-one concept into a totally new dimension, where creativity becomes limitless. Its nine daring colour cubes, nine iridescent pastels, offer infinite combinations to delight every woman’s inner child. More than ever, make-up becomes playful: an adventure divested of rules, where freshness always prevails.

Sparkling pastels

Little individual cubes united to form a multi-coloured cube, the 9 shades of My Parisian Pastels can be used in a multitude of ways: alone for a localised touch of colour, mixed together for a healthy-glow halo or in duos or trios for graduated pastel effects… no rules, only the means to satisfy every desire. The 9 shades are divided into 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. But nothing is set in stone, everything can be switched up. Whether applied directly to skin like a chalk or delicately blended with a brush, the compact iridescent powder texture adapts to every inspiration.


Subtly vintage packaging

These beautiful pastel cubes nestle in a little metallic case that looks just like a childhood box of crayons. The pack is customised by the collection’s signature illustration: a Parisienne walking her little dog over the Paris rooftops on a beautiful spring day with a bouquet of balloons in her hand, carrying the message From Lancôme With Love.

Mix and match

Lancome Make-up Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge has imagined application tips for every woman to make her own.

Face: Sweep a flat brush or kabuki across a horizontal row to take up a blend of corrective, healthy glow or illuminating colours.

Eyes: Pick up a cube and apply the colour directly to the lid, pressing down more or less firmly to create the desired intensity and shimmer effect.



Limited Edition

Play-doh blush

The other star product for spring 2016 is this blush: playful and visually irresistible in equal measure. Balloon-round and decorated in pop colours reminiscent of a sweet shop, it promises the healthy glow and effortless radiance adored by the Parisienne.

Instantly addictive, the surprise lies in its Play-doh texture: delightfully the finger presses in, reminiscent of Proust’s madeleine. Here, this nostalgic dough becomes a beauty tool, enlivening the cheeks with irresistible freshness.

Dressed in an illustrated metal case, it is available in two subtly zesty shades:

01 Corail de Ville, a fruity orange for irresistible cheeks.

02 Rose Haussmann, a flush-effect bluish pink which infuses the face with emotion.

Behind the texture’s incredibly playful appearance lies a technological innovation allowing for the most intuitive application imaginable. The product melts as it is applied in circular strokes with the fingertips over the apples of the cheeks. The result? A sheer colour veil that simply fuses with skin.




Candy Freshness

In her dream, our Parisienne dresses her lips in delicate colours, with no excess of pigment, for the most charming tender shine. Rouge In Love is her lipstick, luminous with a second-skin effect. Light in coverage, it comes in three new soft and romantic shades:

406 Aube de Printemps, an ultra-soft, tender apricot.

407 Corail de Ville, a pastel tangerine for maximum fresh impact.

408 Rose Haussmann, an elegant pink perfected by a hint of blue.



A ray of light

When she longs for an even more mouth-watering pout, the Parisienne adds a brushstroke of more intense shine to her Rouge In Love lipstick. A hint of Lip Lover, the formula combining the colour of a lipstick with subtle plumping shine and the lipcare effects of a balm. This true lip beautifier is now available in three new shades coordinated with the Rouge In Love shades:

406 Aube de Printemps, an ultra-soft, tender apricot.

407 Corail de Ville, a pastel tangerine for maximum fresh impact.

408 Rose Haussmann, an elegant pink perfected by a hint of blue.


Mix and match

A tip from Lisa Eldridge: Use a beautifying hint of Lip Lover gloss at the centre of the lips over the same tone of Rouge In Love. For a mouth-watering vinyl effect, apply it alone in a generous layer for plump and simply irresistible lips.




Limited Edition

When smoky turns poetic

The Hypnôse Palette offers five coordinated shades and unlimited possibilities to embellish eyes with soft, romantic hints or bolder, more sensual effects. Four graduated tones – from the darkest to define and intensify eyes, to the lightest and most radiant to illuminate – are complemented by a fifth, brighter pop shade; the fun feminine wildcard to personalise a woman’s look:

DO13 Paris en Rêve, a harmony of soft pastels inspired by balloons floating in the wind, with a heavenly blue tone for a poetic finishing touch.

DO12 Paris Merveilleux, a palette of warm, intense tones like a spring sunrise, with a zesty orange able to awaken eyes in a wave of freshness.


Limited Edition

Always on the right lines

Hypnôse Khôl is the ideal tool to shape hypnotic eyes. It is a woman’s magic wand to softly define her eye contour in absolute harmony with the Hypnôse Palette thanks to two brand new shades. Waterproof with ultra-long wear, it never fades, resisting the Parisienne’s every emotion:

10 Bleu Parisien, a matte azure, as pure as a summer sky.

11 Brun Métropolitain, a silky and iridescent, almost coppery brown.


Mix and match

A tip from Lisa Eldridge: For flawless coordination, combine Bleu Parisien along the lashline with the Paris en Rêve Palette on lids and Brun Metropolitain with Palette Paris Merveilleux. And for a more daring look, don’t be afraid to switch up these combinations.



Pastel-perfect nails

On nails, milky pastels for an impeccable colour film with outstanding shine and resistance. On the menu are two palettes of two shades, warm or cool, for perfectly coordinated looks with the eye and lip colours, or to create stand-out contrast.

148 Corail de Ville, a milk-shake style apricot.

149 Jaune Grands Boulevards, a lemon yellow with none of the acidity.

146 Rose Haussmann, a beautiful bluish pink.

153 Bleu Ciel Parisien, a subtly veiled azure.



The ultimate object of desire

The From Lancôme With Love collection would not be complete without this absolute must-have for Spring 2016: a cushion case with a silver cap featuring a 3D illustration of the Parisienne strolling with her balloons floating off into the Paris sky. An object of desire, available as a limited edition.



As though in a waking dream, the charming and mesmerising Alma Jodorowsky is captured through the lens of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. From her Parisian balcony, she gazes upon a fantastical vision of the Parisian rooftops and sky. As the sun rises, she reaches to catch the pastel balloons as they float up into the sky, tempting to capture the tender and poetic fabric of her dreams.



Shaking up codes and encouraging us not to trust our first impression: the philosophy behind Lisa Eldridge’s designs for the From Paris With Love looks.

Thus brunettes will surprise us by favouring the collection’s cool tones: the azure and bluish pink shades. A single hint of contrast: Lip Lover in Aube de Printemps with its apricot hue.

For blondes, warm and sunny harmonies will be the order of the season: luminous coral and brown tones. Once again, the contrast is created by Lip Lover in Rose Haussmann, with its cool bluish pink shade.

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