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Geneu – Skincare Tailored To Your DNA


I’ve always dreaded facing the harsh realities of the latest skin tests only to confirm my worst fear – ageing. As a woman, our lifestyles and genetic makeup have a massive impact on how we age. 

You probably already know how much I’m obsessed with the latest skincare brands out there from previous posts but when I was informed of the British brand Geneu I was immediately intrigued. Unlike any other skincare company out there, this company tests your DNA. You read correctly. Your DNA. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve always been obsessed with genetic testing and finding out how I’m wired, be it original ethnicity, possible hidden illnesses. You see, as a science major I’ve always been realistic about how we’re individually programmed and if sourced with that information then maybe we could look after ourselves a little bit better.
Enough of my rambling, so let’s talk Geneu. They’ve teamed up with my, favorite, Selfridges for a pop-up store in their Beauty Workshop. To celebrate this occasion, I was invited along to find out more about the brand and their collaboration. I can’t tell you how much I learned! I always knew and well taught that lifestyle plays a massive role in the ageing process however completely unaware that ageing is down to 60% genetics and 40% lifestyle. That really is huge! Now lifestyle is mainly down to how much you sunbathe and smoke etc. Still a hefty chunk if you ask me.
So let’s talk about Geneu. Who are they and what do they do as a brand? They are a revolutionary company that prescribes serums based on your DNA and lifestyle results.  Using the best quality ingredients at the appropriate concentration levels you are provided with their Genotype AOX serum and Genotype COL serum respectively. The Genotype AOX is completely designed to enhance natural antioxidant levels whilst the Genotype COL boosts your natural collagen levels. Overall, the combination promises better skin appearance, tone, brightness and  reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Let me walk you through the amazing experience after trialling it the last couple of weeks. First of all you’re greeted by specialists who take a DNA swab to be tested at one of London’s finest university laboratories. With that, you fill out a survey about your lifestyle. Normally the result would take a couple of days but because of this exclusive pop-up at Selfridges, the results come out within a day. You are then booked in for a consultation appointment where you are walked through the results and what the best solution is based on those very results. Piece of cake right? Again, I can’t explain how the scientist in me loves this method.
At the consultation you’re spoken to about your antioxidants and collagen breakdown. You see it’s all dependent on the enzymes you’re genetically pre-disposed to and the rate at which they break down the very elements that affect our ageing AND the level at which your skin is protected from free radicals. The results are broken down to you in the form of a wheel which can leave you anticipating the worst but thankfully my wheels for both antioxidants and collagen were full. What does this mean? Well at my age, on average it is expected to be half so it means genetically despite my poor lifestyle choices in my 20s that the ageing process is far slower than average. Yippee! I can’t express to you how much of a relief that is to me at my age. Albeit this isn’t about me, but because the breakdown is slower it impacts the concentration of the serums so I wouldn’t require high concentrations of the usual ingredients of either the Genotype AOX and Genotype COL. I can tell you the serums given to me were made up of natural peptides and vitamins with a cautionary warning that despite my genetic results I better keep up my lifestyle because that could still have an impact in the future.
Now, let’s talk about what I’ve noticed. Using the serums daily before applying my regular moisturiser I’ve seen so far a brighter appearance, a reduction in those laugh lines I loathe so much and an overall improvement in tone. I can’t express how much I love the process and treatment prescribed. It’s a fantastic concept and in my opinion luxurious based on the level of it being personal and bespoke. You might think of the price range but bear in mind that genetic testing alone is quite pricey, but you are guaranteed more than one tube of serum with a personalised case with dual pumps in the color of your choice (you choose between three and can even customize it with your name, initials or whatever you choose).
So, if you’re in London why miss out on this exclusive pop-up in Selfridge’s Beauty Workshop? If you are interested in the brand but aren’t able to visit, then have no fear as their store isn’t too far away and is located in Lancashire Court off of New Bond Street. Guys, this is one not to be missed! 

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