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Gerard Butler Greets Crowd During The Anticipated Appearance At The Dubai Mall


21st March 2015 – Gerard Butler, the ambassador of BOSS BOTTLED brought excitement to The Dubai Mall’s Paris Gallery with a personal appearance to celebrate BOSS Parfums and the newly launched BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE as brand ambassador.

Scores of fans came to see Gerard at Paris Gallery as he greeted the crowd, signed autographs, and discussed the values of the Man of Today. Lucky customers who purchased a 100ml BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE fragrance from Paris Gallery in March had the chance meet the actor in person.


Commenting on Dubai, Gerard said “I love this city, and every time I come here I notice how much it changes. There is something new to see and do every time, there’s this ultra-modern and cutting edge feel to it, but when you look closely you see that this place has so much character and tradition. Everyone that I’ve spoken to knows their heritage. I see it in the men, the way that they present themselves, there is definitely a unique take on masculinity – which is exactly what the Man of Today tries to embody.”

The event was a successful celebration of the newly launched BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE and the fragrance campaign, which reveals the Man of Today and his strength of character: his depth, his intense passion, his unwavering determination and drive, all powerful traits that help push him to achieve his professional and personal ambitions. Speaking on modern masculinity, Gerard said:

“We’re not bound as tightly as we were in the past, and I think that’s a great thing. One of the great values that a Man of Today has is that he can do many different things. In his career, but then also in his personal life and his hobbies and his relationships. He knows how to conduct himself in all of these areas because success isn’t limited to one thing. It’s success in all aspects of your life. ”


The fragrance is laden with more woods, spices and a powerful concentration of precious oils. Bright apple is tempered by a calmer and more composed green orange blossom. The effect is a fragrance that is less sweet, yet more luxurious, and emphatically, unapologetically masculine.


BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE is available in 50ml & 100ml sizes,
priced AED270, and AED350


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