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Joelle Paris Sun Protect Shampoo


Sun protect Sunscreen Shampoo


Strong UV Rays damage hair and cause excessive dryness, hair breakage and split ends. ‘Joelle Paris Sun Protect’ Shampoo is specially formulated to protect your hair against all the factors caused by sun damage. The result is bouncy, lustrous hair that is geared up to face the daily sun!


Intense nourishing wash formula that protects against UV Rays as it cleanses. • Contains natural oils that help rebuild weakened hair and strengthen roots. • This shampoo is for all hair types.

Sun Protect Sunscreen Conditioner


When the sun is out the harsh sun’s rays rip your hair off  its natural moisture and shine. Sun Protect rinse-out conditioner by Joelle Paris is formulated to protect against harmful sunrays and help restore natural moisture, while penetrating essential nutrients that add life to your hair. So when it’s a fight against harmful sun rays, step out as a winner with ‘Joelle Paris Sun Protect’ Conditioner.



Fights harmful sunrays. • Replenishes lifeless, extremely weakened hair by helping moisture retention. • Strengthens hair cuticles by infusing lost proteins and vitamins, thus providing shine and moisture. • For all hair types.

Sun Protect Sunscreen Elixir 


Sun protection and damage repair in one. An Elixir that protects the hair against harmful sunrays that causes dryness, bleaching and weakening of hair. ‘Joelle Paris Sun Protect’ Elixir is a rich blend of nourishing oils that act as a shield against the sun’s strong rays so you can enjoy the great outdoors.


• Ultimate repair UV infused Elixir to protect and smooth hair cuticles throughout the day. • Adds shine and sun Protection to all hair types during long sunny days. • For all hair types.


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