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My Experience At Clo&Flo Salon, London


I don’t really go to hairdressers because the difficulty of finding a good trustworthy one can prove as challenging as finding the perfect foundation color match. I’m also very sure the same applies for our ladies who visit London facing the same predicament. Well the answer is here. Growing and popular amongst local London stars, Clo&Flo is the place to visit. With a prime location, minutes away from South Kensington station you will have access to the perfect hair treatment.


I recently popped in for a blow out and was stunned by the results! I asked for volume and curls along the bottom. My hair isn’t very thick, in fact it’s quite stubborn, and I have plenty of it. But after my appointment here, I was extremely pleased with the gorgeous coiffured do.


Clo&Flo, a salon inherited by sisters Chloe and Florence, has re-branded and is succeeding in what is a very competitive market. Greeted by Chloe who runs the salon, and other stylists,. I had the pleasure of being treated by Roland, a lovely gentleman.

He sat me down at the sink to treat my hair to a much needed shampoo and conditioning. I started to pick up on the decor :The mirrors offered the illusion of a larger space and then I picked up on the endearing quotes in adorable fashion hanging up around the walls. Cute, trendy and current come to mind in terms of the decor. After much eye hovering of the interior, Roland was finished.

Moving over to the chair in front of the massive mirror I cringed at the thought of seeing myself but then realised it wasn’t so bad! Why? Low lighting! Creating the perfect ambience and listening to Jaded by Aerosmith left me in a state of calm.

He proceeded by applying the L’Oreal Professionel Volumetric Spray. The smell is gorgeous! Sectioning my hair in parts, in all my life I have never felt my hair being pulled whilst blow drying let alone feeling the excessive heat of it. It’s like he never touched my hair. With careful precision, he blow dried the sections and would pin them up to achieve the curls I am after. I kid you not, it was as though I just sat there and then a few moments later I had a new do.

I absolutely loved the treat! I know I’ll definitely be going there again.


The salon, as mentioned above is really accessible!

Fun fact – they work closely with the South Kensington Club for an all Ladies treatment.

Fairly reasonable in terms of pricing, this salon is certainly living to its legacy of the family business and is a must go to place upon your visit to our glorious city.


+4420 7581 3831
55 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3JS

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