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Haute Skin Care : Customized Skin Care For Everyday Of The Month


This is quite the first time that  I went to a showroom and was introduced to such an innovative brand – it honestly left me speechless.

We all know skincare caters to four categories – dry, oily, combination and sensitive,  but, did you know that there are more? Well I didn’t, as I use a combination of products to fix every other issue I have and  I bet the same applies to a majority of women (and men) out there.

A mother and daughter  duo from sunny Barcelona  stumbled upon the idea of researching the various skin types out there. With the aid of dermatological geniuses out of Austin, Texas they cultivated Haute Custom Beauty. Now let’s rewind to the number of skin types. Remember, what we said about  four main types?

This remarkable team discovered that there are roughly 600 skin types and then some. Has your jaw dropped yet? Scratching your head already?


What makes this skincare brand different ? They totally tailor to your skin type dependent on your skin but also the lifestyle and the impacts it has on your skin. A completely customisable regime, you receive a delightful box kitted with 30 days-worth of your skins’ needs. So, with 600+ HCB Derma ProfilesTM you will be certain to receive personalized treatments without the price adding up of seeing various dermatologists, beauticians and even plastic surgeons.

The way it works? Algorithms. It’s simple; these trusted pioneers developed these 600+ HCB Derma ProfilesTM using specific proprietary algorithms. All you need to do is fill out their HCB Derma Skin Analyzing SurveyTM which goes onto calculate your exact skin’s requirements and will match your concerns with one of their 600+ Derma Profiles.

The next part, I absolutely love : Once complete, the Haute Custom Beauty lab will develop your 30 Day Recurring Beauty Ritual. Don’t you love that they call it your ritual? You will be prescribed a collagen boosting tonic, 30 hand-picked unidose Elixris from their HCB’s Elixir collection, all along with an airless technology moisturiser for your skin type.


Still not sold? Think about it. You get an elixir for every day of the month. Each one selected and tailored to your requirement. They’ve done the work for you! You simply have to wash your face, tone, moisturise and repeat in the evening along with the addition of the elixir allocated to that day.

I could go into the science of each aspect of their Ritual box, but I think I’ll leave you to delve into this remarkable breakthrough skincare brand. You can check out their site at HauteCustomBeauty.com.

P.S. Don’t be alarmed by the price tag. Weigh it up and calculate how much you spend monthly on your skincare regiment and know you’re getting a bargain for your money considering it covers your entire day for all 30/31 days of the month. A skin cream from competitors comes at the price of the entire box covering your month. Don’t believe me ? Go ahead and check it out!


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