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How To Prepare Yourself For Ramadan


The Holy month of Ramadan is almost here. This time of fasting and prayer is something all of us look forward to, because not only are you abstaining from food/drink and other habits, but you are also fasting with a purpose. It is to remind you of just how hard it is for others who are less fortunate. Personally, that requires a lot of mental strength and preparation.

A month is quite a long time and a good way to prepare yourself is by changing your lifestyle pre-fasting, i.e. try changing your lifestyle a month prior to Ramadan. To make it easier, why not try eating less in terms of quantity so that your body is in fact used to less food which eventually makes the long hours durable? You could, also, try fasting one day a week prior to Ramadan – a way in which you can also mentally and physically prepare yourself for lack of food for the majority of the day. It could be a good time frame for people to make up any days they missed from the previous Ramadan.



A time for prayer:

Ramadan isn’t only about giving up food and habits, it is also a time of the year where you should get into the habit of praying. You could practice in advance by getting your body used to waking up early for fajr prayer.

This time of the year requires a lifestyle change – both spiritually and regularly. Change your lifestyle in advance and maybe even permanently by stopping all things such as smoking. You could lessen the social outings and get into the routine of spending more time with your family. Try to get rid of the bad habits that are both bad for your health and/or against your beliefs. Use this time, to seek guidance and knowledge on your religion and put it into practice. Don’t go to places that after iftar that defy the whole point of why you fasted all day long. Try to keep things pure and simple. Finally, perform taraweeh at the mosque.


All these little changes and preparation could be beneficial in the long term. It gets you in touch with understanding your body, its real needs, and your spirituality.

Have a blessed Ramadan!

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