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Illamasqua Summer Collection – Hypnotica Review & Swatches

“You are Beauty” is Illamasqua’s slogan. Being a massive admirer of the brand, I couldn’t agree more. Catering to all sorts of looks, the artistry and quality of the products definitely shows. Recently, I went along to their Summer Launch and I cannot wait for you to experience the  mastery of this brand’s summer collection – Hypnotica!
Ahead of the launch, let me tell you a little bit about the collection and show you why I’m crazy about it!
Think 70s, Woodstock, playful and psychedelic colors! This collection plays on the art of color ranging from bright shades to dark, and colors that will pop and make your summer 2016 looks playful – think bold, swirls and doll-like lashes. The Hypnotica Collection is a winner in my eyes!
The first thing that stands out is the Illamasqua Lava Lipstick. It is gorgeous! A swirl of fuschia pink and blue, this lippy when applied gives you an unattainable shade of purple – one I haven’t seen before. True to the brand, the lipstick is highly pigmented and really long lasting! You seriously wouldn’t require touching up this bright lipstick throughout your day!
Then we come to the Illamasqua Sketch Sticks, available in seven shades from the purest of white (Spirit) to the brightest yellow (Higher) to the most jet black (Haze). These sticks are super user friendly and have multiple uses. Use it as an eye liner along your water line or even as an eyeshadow, the shades are gorgeous! Again highly pigmented, you can easily apply them with a brush or directly with the stick itself.
Make your summer routine simpler with this addition!
Additionally, the lashes are adorable and give the perfect doll effect if added to your lower lash line! Handmade and cruelty free, the Illamasqua Dolly Lashes are the perfect way to make your festival (or park look completely thinking of flares, turban and tons of accessories) look really stand out!
Finally, the Illamasqua Slick Stick is true to its name – Dream. The gorgeous nude brown shade is perfect for long-lasting definition and it really sticks! Impossible to shift, use it as a lip liner or for an overall lip. This shade does not disappoint and is guaranteed to suit all skin tones!
Do NOT give the Hypnotica Summer Collection a miss! Unlike other brands, it’s not jarring or overwhelming with various products but true to essentials that require less thought during the most favored and busiest time of the year!

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