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Inglot O2M: The Halal Nail Polish


Inglot breathable nail polishes have hit the stores. Muslim women of all ages have been waiting with bated breath to be able to wear nail polish whenever they like. For those unaware of ablution conditions for Muslims, and are wondering what all the fuss is about, let me explain.


Muslims pray five times a day, and the prerequisite to prayer is performing wudu, or ablution. One of the conditions of the ablution is for the water to touch every small part of the body being washed. This includes the nails. A regular nail polish obstructs the flow of water to the nails. Hence, many Muslim women choose not to use nail polish on a regular basis.


Recently though, a few companies have claimed to have discovered the holy grail of makeup – breathable, water permeable nail polish. Inglot, a Polish company, is one of those companies who are selling a range of these halal products in Mall of Arabia at SR65 apiece.

Some of Inglot's gorgeous colours. Inglot O2M.

A few of Inglot’s O2M colour range.

A note of caution though. Although the colours are gorgeous and vibrant, the jury is still out on whether these nail varnishes are truly water permeable and halal. Some customers have carried out experiments with varying results. Easmin Miah votes against it in her blog Oh So Peachy. Reem Faruqi conducted an experiment on Doodling Through Life, and says that some colours permeate if they are rubbed, and submerged in the water sufficiently long enough.


Here is Inglot’s official video on the water permeability of this range:

We would recommend that you do some research of your own on this. There is lots more information out there to read up on. Mustafa Umar has a pretty comprehensive piece with lots of relevant links at SuhaibWebb.


Well-known makeup artist Nilo Haq, Founder of IGlow and Editor-in-Chief of Jeddah Beauty Blog (and previously columnist here at Jeddah Blog) told us exclusively, “I am sceptical about Inglot’s breathable nail polish. Firstly because I don’t want to take any risks with my prayers. I’m not sure if the tests done by Inglot are okay, because out of the people who have tried to recreate the tests, some claim it has worked for them while others claim it hasn’t.” Nilo went on to say, “When I tried it, to me my heart didn’t agree. I’d wait for more research and tests before I’d go ahead and perform wudu with Inglot’s Breathable Nail polish.”


Jeddah Blog reader Bushra Masood says, “I love the Inglot breathable nailpolishes. They don’t come off easily though, and I’ve heard that they might not be breathable.”


Another brand catching everyone’s attention and getting more favourable results is Tuesday in Love. We are yet to hear whether it has entered the Jeddah market.


What do you think about all this? Have you bought Inglot and tried it out? Do you think it is a halal nail polish, or is it doubtful? Leave us a comment and let us know.


Author: Sabaa J Ali from http://jeddah-blog.com/2014/01/30/inglot-o2m-the-halal-nail-polish/



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