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Introducing Clinique’s Editorial Platform…The Wink.


So much inspires what we do at Clinique. The Wink is a look inside the kaleidoscope of people, places and ideas we find simply amazing.


As Clinique’s founder, Carol Phillips, a former Vogue beauty editor, once said, “Clinique isn’t just a cosmetics line—it’s a way of life.” Her powerful words remain at the heart of everything Clinique does, especially the exciting launch of The Wink, Clinique’s new multimedia editorial platform.

The Wink isn’t just about beauty—it’s about living your most beautiful, confident life. The Wink takes a 360° lifestyle point of view, revealing the people, places and ideas that inspire the world of Clinique—global influencers, emerging trends, science-backed skincare, wellness, travel, art and style. From snackable life-simplifying beauty tips to Global Brand President Jane Lauder’s monthly “Over Breakfast With” column where she catches up with tastemakers on her travels across the world, The Wink curates everything from interesting tidbits to in-depth feature stories, incorporating video and original photography.

The Wink will also launch on Tumblr and Facebook, and contribute to Clinique’s existing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter channels. All articles on The Wink are socially shareable and can be saved via a custom bookmarking tool, “The Canvas”, that also allows readers to save their favorite products for future reference. Another interesting feature is “The Index”, an interactive glossary of skincare ingredients and makeup application techniques.

A wink is an inclusive gesture—playful, but authoritative, that says “I know something you should too.” For Clinique, it is also the editorial platform that reflects the curatorial perspective of the brand. Think of The Wink as your savviest friend and most trusted confident.

The Wink has launched globally in October through www.clinique.com/thewink

Launch date: October 2015

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