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Is Your Golden Genetic Blueprint Ticket Valid For Aging? Check Again!


Every time I look at Kristine and lily McMenamy I gasp a big wow — What a gorgeous mum and daughter pair! We all know looks and beauty are inherited genetically. Having said that if you think Lily has won the genetic lottery with a promise of good looks favoring her for the rest of her life — Think Twice. Genetics isn’t the only factor that affects the process of aging — environment and lifestyle choices play a great role as well. If your mum doesn’t look like Kristine McMenamy (mine doesn’t) don’t lament, ongoing research into antiaging has established hope that we don’t have to be a slave to our genes – We CAN avoid those sags and wrinkles by living smart.


Genes are the carriers of body’s blueprint. They carry the instructions that determine how you look and how your body works. Multi-billion dollar question is what determines how you age? Science has finally deciphered, how you age depends majorly on your lifestyle. An American study examined 186 pairs of identical twins and discovered that they aged differently depending on their lifestyle choices. Long-term smoking and sun exposure had significantly negative effects on aging.


Most girls assume that they’ll age like their mother, but, at the same time, they don’t have the same life and experiences. If your mum smoked, slept very little and ate all the wrong stuff and you don’t. And if mama dear skipped on gym or active lifestyle and you on the contrary play sports and are active. Science believes that time will mark you two differently.


Aging Is Only 30 Percent Genetics


During my skin and antiaging consults I enjoy seeing both mother and daughter together. This helps me anticipate the future. While we work on the antiaging treatment plan for mum, I relish giving the daughter heads up on how she can avoid premature senescence. Aging is only 30 percent genetics; the rest is determined by our environment and lifestyle choices. From ages zero to 30, your skin’s beauty is determined mainly by genetics. You can enrich our skin with simple procedures and products, but it’s mostly determined by genetics. After 30, the aging process really begins. If you are blessed with good genes, the signs of aging are less aggressive. If you are not blessed with strong genes, your Beauty Regimen Is Essential.


What Should We Do?


The most important thing to keep your skin youthful is to establish a consistent skin-type appropriate skincare regimen.


  • Take care of your skin on daily basis wash your face thoroughly every night — twice preferably. Never sleep with makeup on.
  • Exfoliation and giving your skin a proper cleansing with the right products is vital for a healthy complexion.
  • Moisturizer is every girl’s best friend; let be it be oil free for combination/oily skin or rich emollient for dry to normal skin.
  • Invest into antioxidants, peptides, vitamin A & C based skincare.
  • Importance of safe sun practices and diligent use of UVA and UVB protection can never be underestimated. Never.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of wrinkles and sagging skin — engrave that in your consciousness.
  • The statement “You Are What You Eat” couldn’t be truer — Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Avoid over indulging in sugar and carbs, they lead to skin glycation and premature aging. Vegetables are packed with fiber, water, and micro-nutrients they do a lot of good for your skin and complexion.
  • And don’t forget to smile and be cheerful. Being Happy your body secrets endorphins which retard aging. Being stressed and uptight your body pumps cortisol (the hormone of death) through your system that can wreak havoc on your skin and body.


May the force of healthy lifestyle be with you!


Early New Year Resolution Live Smart Age Gracefully


Now that you know that you have a 70% active control on the lines, wrinkles and sagging carnage Father Time might cause on your physiognomy — Would you live differently?


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