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Kate The Saucy Boss, Yup She Still Got Plenty of Sizzle!



Moisturizer, Beauty-Sleep — & Happiness (with a special sprinkle of naughty) that my darlings is Miss Moss’s beauty secret.

Albion’s most iconic supermodel, Kate Moss has officially crossed over into the (model-dreaded) fourth decade of her sojourn on our sublunary beauty-obsessed world and reports from bird watchers scrutinizing NYFW to PFW re-confirm —she’s still the queen of über-fabulous. Dame Moss with her famously polemical lifestyle has had her fair share of hard partying, but the ubiquitous fashion goddess is still showing no signs of aging. Is she a forever-young vampire? (Maybe) —looking at her flawlessly taut skin, girls half her age turn green with envy (barring Cara of course).

How does she do it? I for one was dying to know the secrets behind this age-defying-beauty’s glowing visage and of course the envy-of-the-fashion-world youthful bod. After a thorough digging I got the scoop; my lovelies get ready to take notes and catch-on to the youth-preserving esoteric-rituals practiced by the chimerical Kate.

Per Diem Skin Safeguarding

Lady Moss has been a devotee of Crème de la Mèr for years and she credits the buttery moisturizing elixir for providing her with her staple glowing-complexion.

Hallelujah —Kate is a believer when it comes to sensible SPF. In her own words printed in The Times, “I was a real sun worshipper, I loved it, boiling and lying out there. But now I don’t do that. Now I have [SPF] 50”. Older yet youthfully wiser Kate now exercises extra caution and stays out of the sun.

Nod To The Technology

Talking to InStyle Australia Moss has confessed giving technology a fair shot to keep her face taut and firm. Her latest fascination is a face-firming gadget Tua Tre’nd Face. Multitasking her way to youth Kate reports from her couch, “It works your muscles so one eye goes up and down—attractive! I’m like, Jamie [her boyfriend] try it! It gives me something to do while I’m watching TV.”

Beauty Water-boarding

Kate might be a diva with multimillion-dollar offers and a rock-star boyfriend, but she still puts her faith in the power of easy-on-the-pocket kitchen table beauty ritual, which I call an altered method of beauty-water-boarding. “I fill a sink with ice and cucumber and submerge my face. It tightens everything making you look and feel instantly awake. It is a bit Joan Crawford – but it works”, the supermodel revealed in an interview (that went viral) with Stylist UK. “It has a cooling effect and helps in soothing and softening the skin and, even better, it costs almost nothing”, the diva proudly purrs.

kate 2

Bona Fide Exfoliation Buff

Shedding light on how she keeps her beach body in tip-top condition, Moss reveals that she believes in thoroughly exfoliating her skin before she jets off on holidays. Rubbing shoulders with the best skin experts all over the world she has caught-on to the damaging aging effects of UV rays and stays fully protected under the sun with plenty of SPF before topping up on her tan on the beach. (Kate sorry to rain on your tan-parade, but darling the only bronzing any skin expert will green light is one that’s dispelled from a bottle —no sun-intended).

Bombshell Body

We all raised an eyebrow or two when Kate coined her controversial slogan —”Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels.” Steering clear of anorexia wrangle the delicate beauty has evinced publically, “For the record – Kate does not support this as a lifestyle choice”. To maintain her figure toned to perfection Kate watches what she eats and labors hard; her arduous choice to sweat happens to be plenty of Pilates.

Kate Moss

Almost Under The Knife

Talking to Allure magazine at one point Kate did tip her hand light heartedly, “I didn’t like my teeth. I didn’t like my flat chest, either. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to get a tit job.’ Can you imagine?” —Supermodels are human too with self-image issues & insecurities in fact more so then an average girl, as media puts a world of pressure on them to portray the image of perfection.

Modus Operandi Runway Ready Mane

Kate’s perfectly tousled tress secrets have been vogued and allured multiple times over the years, “I use that Moroccan oil stuff, and then I blow-dry it upside down and brush it. Maybe I’ll give it a back-comb at the top.” she explains being the engineer of her own fab tease.

The Cat Is Outta The Bag

And finally Kate’s most indispensable piece of advice shared by Sunday Times —”Moisturize, sleep, and happiness: that’s the beauty secret. I know I look different when I’m happy. I don’t really stick to one thing.”

Yes happiness is the ultimate drug ladies, be happy and be beautiful.

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