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Lights, Camera, Fashion: Top 5 Fictional Fashion Icons


For many of us, our earliest exposure to the world of fashion addiction comes from an unlikely place – TV and film. Before we were fashionistas, we were couch potatoes, learning the monumental significance of footwear from Cinderella, the importance of the LBD from Ms. Golightly and simply, the sheer fun of fashion. But which of these stylish screen stars have a special place in your heart and a significant impression on your wardrobe? JBB pays homage to the top five fictional fashion icons, because even if they aren’t real, their impact our style is!


Clueless is one of those moves that undoubtedly symbolize the spirit of the 90s. In addition to bringing designers like cult designer Alaïa into the fashion vernacular and words like sporadic into the general vernacular, no one can resist Cher’s naivete, charm, and innate fashion sense. Even if the trends haven’t held up over the years (plaid school girl uniforms anyone?), the film introduced fashion to the teen set by making it fun and accessible.

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Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly may be the most influential fiction fashion icon that film has produced – but I sometimes feel like her look is done to death: faux pearls, oversized sunglasses, beehive, etc.  However, there is no denying the timeless elegance of Hubert De Givenchy’s designs combined with Holly’s charming girlish appeal. This is a look that is still imitated today but no one did it better than the original New York girl, Holly Golightly.

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This list wouldn’t be complete with everyone’s favorite fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw. Although I wondered whether there was even a point in including Ms. Bradshaw as her image as a fashion icon is pretty much set in stone. However, I couldn’t resist including the girl who made Manolo Blahnik a household name, made the Dior saddlebag the must-have of the early 00’s, and basically dazzled everyone with her fashion forwardness and innate sense of street style.


The princess of the Upper East Side herself, Blair Wardorf, definitely deserves her place on this list. Singlehandedly introducing headbands, colored tights, fabulous hats and contemporary designer gowns into the world of fashion and film, Blair often outshines the more obviously ‘trendy’ and fashion-extrovert Serena. Blair also gets extra points for having a super fashionable love interest…who could resist Chuck Bass in a bow tie?




Joan Holloway, the striking secretary of of  law firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, somehow manages to dominate every single scene she’s in, proving that yes, curves do have a place in fashion. Perfectly portrayed by the stunning Christina Hendrix, Joan’s fitted dresses and perfect hair and makeup somehow convey just the right combination of demureness and allure.



Which fashionable fictional character inspires you? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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