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Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminous Base Review

                               I can’t remember life before applying makeup without primer.
To be fair, I always had the makeup setting down to a tee, but in terms of the base – nope, nothing. I’ve tried so many brands and types of primer and until late I’ve been crazy about Benefit Porefessional Primer which I’ve heard is on par with the Holy Grail of primers – Hourglass Veil. Well, let me tell you something. I think I may have topped them all with the latest discovery of this gem.
Ladies, brace yourselves for Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminous Base!
Before I delve into details about this fabulous product, I want to tell you about the lady behind the brand. Lisa Franklin is a very highly regarded skincare expert and facialist, boasting over 15 years in the makeup and skincare industries respectively. Since an early age Lisa had a passion for skincare and makeup. As a freelance makeup artist she met the renowned facialist Lisa Meredith after which working at her prestigious clinic in Knightsbridge, London before proceeding onto her own business – Lisa Franklin London.
Nestled in the heart of London’s popular Sloane Street her specialised treatments have proved that she is the trusted source. Lisa’s vision is actually quite simple and in fact extremely true. I genuinely believe that these are words to live by – ‘makeup should be an integral part of skincare and makeup should extend and enhance the radiance achieved with a good skincare regime.’
Amazingly put and with that being said, let me tell you about this fabulous primer. The Pro-Effect Luminous Base is a ‘no makeup makeup’ primer that creates a flawless canvas for the makeup to be applied. Packed with unique ingredients, this primer effectively creates the brilliant optical blurring technique that so many products out there are trying to achieve. This primer actually helps reduce redness, pigmentation, pore size, discoloration and shadows whilst plumping your skin to visibly reduce the fine and deep wrinkles. This product not only contains key ingredients that scream luxury but its texture and results scream luxurious far more! I absolutely adore this product and at the exceptional price of £70 (roughly 377 Riyals) this should definitely be added to your collection!
I cannot tell you enough how much it has helped with makeup application and even strengthened the appearance of my skin! Love love love this product! 

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